Simple wedding manicure ideas

Traditionally, a soft and light color palette is used for wedding nail designs. It’s not surprising as the image of a bride is associated with innocence and tenderness. Therefore, a delicate and restrained manicure will always be relevant for a bride.

Simple Wedding Manicure Ideas

At the same time, some brides choose extraordinary options. Due to the popularity of non-standard wedding ideas, brides can choose a peculiar manicure. However, the majority of brides still stick to traditional designs. Thus, here is the list of the most popular wedding manicures in 2019.

1. A French manicure. A French manicure is considered a classic option. Semitransparent nails with white edging have been chosen by fashionistas for decades. It is possible to decorate this type of wedding manicure with rhinestones, drawings, and lace textures.

2. The illusion of rubbing. This is the main trend in 2019. White or nude shades are rubbed in a special way. Thanks to special particles, light is refracted, and a nail color begins to play. This design can be complemented with small acrylic flowers, rhinestones, or acrylic topping. There are so many options!

3. “Pearl Shell” manicure. Currently, it is popular to imitate the shell surface on nails. Such a manicure is unusual and looks noble. It will be perfect for any length of the nail. “Pearl Shell” wedding manicure is often decorated with small rhinestones. The most suitable colors for this main design are white and milky shades, but you can also use pink, and marshmallow colors.

4. Ombre manicure. This is a popular option for a wedding manicure. Two similar shades are chosen for this nail design. Most frequently, pink or nude and white colors are preferable. This design looks delicate and refined. It can be decorated with voluminous drawings, toppings, and rhinestones. If you choose rhinestones, you can develop your imagination and create a unique design.

5. Glitter nails. Quite frequently, brides choose glitter for one or several nails. The wedding is a day when a bride should shine. Thus, a glitter manicure will be appropriate. It will underline the beauty of a bride and will create a single image with other details of a bridal outfit.

To summarize, it is necessary to note that currently, delicate shades are still in demand. They perfectly match the bridal look. The most popular colors are nude, pink, white, and beige. It is possible to choose any design and decorate your mains with drawings, rhinestones, glitters, and any other designs. It all depends on your creativity, imagination, and skills as your nail master.