Silver wedding theme ideas

Silver is considered one of the most popular and rich colors today. This color belongs to the "cold", associated with the magical winter holidays: New Year and Christmas. A wedding in silver is an excellent solution for romantic newlyweds who love luxury. In the decor of the holiday, pale pink, mint, pale lilac, pink, white, green, blue, and beige tones are

Silver Wedding Theme Ideas

perfect for the main silver color. Such combinations will make the celebration bright and, at the same time, refined and noble.

Actually, like any other, silver has many shades. The most intense and expressive are steel, graphite, "white gold", pearl color, and light gray. Any shade of silver perfectly coexists with both cold and juicy shades. To decorate winter weddings, pale blue or white can be a complement to silver, silver with peach or orange will look perfect for autumn events, a combination of silver and light green will be an excellent solution for a spring event, and for summer weddings there is no limit to your imagination!

It can be a combination of silver with turquoise, mint, yellow, or fuchsia. For a silver-style celebration, you need to select special invitations. These can be elegant envelopes (for example, pearl-coated) or small boxes decorated with sparkling stones. In addition to this accessory can be white or steel ribbons. Look of the Bride To create a wedding look for the bride, rich lush dresses or tight classic models will be an excellent choice. As for the length, a long dress is more advantageous in this case than a short one. Styles with open shoulders and corsets look beautiful.

The lower part of the outfit can be either lush or flared to the floor. The hem of the dress, decorated with stones (gray or steel shade) will look great! The waist of the bride can be decorated with a belt of steel or white. When it comes to footwear, steel tone shoes are the ideal solution, however, it is quite appropriate to wear traditional white shoes. Shoes decorated with stones look great (it doesn't matter whether it's a heel or a toe). As jewelry for the newlywed, choose wide bracelets made of steel-colored stones, pearl or mother-of-pearl beads, and earrings made of silver and supplemented with turquoise or sapphire.

A wedding hairstyle should be simple and effective, for example, loose hair, or gathered in a ponytail. You can complete the image with a tiara or graceful hairpins. The future spouse will look great in a steel-colored suit, however, this is not at all necessary. You can wear a classic black outfit, complemented by a light (for example, gray or white) tie, noble silver cufflinks, and a boutonniere decorated with a gray ribbon. For guests, the choice of outfits for a silver wedding is huge, especially if the event is held in the style of a masquerade wedding. Appropriate clothing can be complemented with masks in silver shades.

The wedding bouquet should also match the chosen style. An excellent solution would be a composition made up of light-colored roses with pink peonies, lilies, romantic orchids, magnificent delicate lilies of the valley, or tulips. You can complement the bouquet with stones or silver beads. It can be decorated with light organza or a steel-colored mesh.

When decorating a wedding with flowers, it is important to pay attention to various elements. In addition to using the flowers themselves, they can be used for decoration, for example, in pots with various ornamental plants. The following tones should be used for the decoration of the hall: blue, white, steel, pale pink, pale green, and beige. Items made of glass (for example, vases filled with beads or stones of appropriate shades), balloons, mirrors in metal frames, and crystal chandeliers with pendants will perfectly fit into the interior.

If garlands are used in the decoration of the hall, then they should also correspond to the chosen color scheme of the wedding. By the way, garlands made of orchids, roses, and hydrangeas look great. White candles will be a wonderful decoration. Silver colors adorn the wedding table unusually, in particular, sweets. Silver coating - berries "under the snow" - create a magical atmosphere.

A wedding cake, consisting of two or even three tiers, resembling a white cloud, will go well with pale pink or beige flowers and green leaves. Maintaining the style of the celebration, pearl spraying can be applied to the cake. A wedding in silver color is an event of extraordinary beauty and grace, which will be remembered not only by the newlyweds but also by all guests. This magical color of celebration can be used to organize any event style. In different situations, it looks completely different, but always luxurious and original.