Signs he’s in love with you

Do you want to know whether a guy likes you? If you notice at least one or several below-mentioned signs, be sure that he is in love with you. Let’s see how to understand it.

Signs He’s In Love With You

There are two principle communicative systems, through which you can get the necessary information. When communicating, we use verbal and non-verbal speech. Moreover, the second one is considered more informative and truthful. While it is possible to hide some words or say something you don’t mind, it is impossible to control the body language. Our gestures, poses, and mimics are generated by our brain automatically.

1. Glance. A guy tries to look at the girl he likes every moment he has. If you talk to him, he will try to hide this fact and not to look at you. Thus, you may think that he is embarrassed. In practice, it is an unsuccessful way to hide his true intentions. Enlarged pupils in good light mean excitement. When the guy chats with the girl he likes, his pupils are enlarged. Note: in the dark, pupils enlarge as a reaction to poor lighting. Thus, do not get confused.

2. Gestures. Pay attention to his gestures in different situations: while studying, while communicating with a company, while walking, during a casual meeting. What gestures show sympathy?

- When he sees you, he tidies his hair and clothes, shakes off dust, and tries to seem more attractive in your eyes.

- He straightens his shoulders, pulls himself up.

- He fiddles the edge of clothing, constantly twists something in his hands.

- He often shows palms.

- He holds hands on a belt.

- He puts the thumbs behind the belt.

- During a dialogue with you, he unconsciously leans in your direction.

- He tries to be closer to you and shorten the distance.

- One leg is ahead of the other. It means a certain level of uncertainty. When the guy talks with the girl he likes, he can feel uncertain and shy.

- He copies your gestures and behavior. For example, if the girl tidies her hair, he subconsciously pulls his hand to hair.

- The guy doesn’t use closed gestures, such as crossed arms and legs. His body is always directed towards you.

3. The manner of speaking and conversation development. The main sign of falling in love is the desire for closer communication. He can talk about anything but shows maximum attention to a woman. What else will express his feelings?

- The guy’s voice becomes more gentle.

- Sometimes he can begin to speak more loudly, tell jokes, demonstrate oratorical abilities.

- Next to a beloved girl, the guy tends to say pleasant things, sincere compliments.

- He is not afraid to be himself and communicates openly and sincerely.

- He jokes and fantasizes about possible serious relationships, cohabitation, family.

- He remembers all details that you once spoke about (for example, that you like to drink green tea, not coffee).

- He regularly writes you SMS or shares interesting posts on social networks.