Chic wedding hairstyle for short hair

Short hair is usually associated with independence and self-confidence. However, women with short hair also look stunning on the wedding day. Let’s see what hairstyles will help underline your beauty. The below-mentioned hairstyles will create the right image that reflects your personality.

Chic Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

Before choosing the hairstyle, it is necessary to decide what accessory you’re going to add to your hairstyle. It can be:

- A wedding veil is a traditional accessory for a wedding in a classic style. It is usually fixed at the base of the hairstyle with the help of hairpins. For short hair, choose the veil just below the shoulders. Models made of heavy fabrics and lace do not require additional decor. An elegant diadem or tiara can be added to simple veils.

- A diadem will make your image royal. On short hair, thin tiaras without bright decor, or with small precious stones or pearls look perfect. To create a hairstyle with the diadem, it is necessary to backcomb your hair and fix the accessory with invisible hairpins. It is better to leave the forehead open. If you have forelock, then you should style it and fixed with hair spray.

- A band. A festive styling can be decorated with the band. The accessory is decorated with sequins, artificial pearls, beads, feathers, natural flowers – the choice depends on the image and style of the celebration.

- Natural flowers and wreaths. Hairstyles with fresh flowers look feminine and elegant. As a rule, flowers should be similar to ones in the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. The classic version is small inflorescence of white, pink, light blue, milky colors.

Now, let’s proceed to the most popular hairstyles.

1. Curls. Yes, it is possible to create beautiful bridal hairstyles with curls even on short hair. This option is ideal for thin hair, allowing you to give them the right volume.

2. Retro style. The Hollywood curl is the most elegant option. To create it, you need a comb with frequent teeth, hair spray, and special clips. Frizz hair starting from the front strands. After curling, each strand is combed and sprayed. Then add decorative hairpins to the finished hairstyle.

3. Greek style. This is an unchanging trend in recent years. The styling is decorated with bands, a decorative braid, natural flowers.

4. Hairstyles with forelock. A haircut with forelock will help to hide a high forehead. An asymmetric or smooth styling, as well as Babette, will serve as the perfect option. Chubby brides should style forelock on one side and create a small volume at the back of the head. Small accessories such as pearls, decorative hairpins, small scallops, or hair clips are widely used.