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Shabby chic wedding ideas

Do you dream of a tender, romantic and fabulous wedding? The shabby chic style is perfect for you! Appearing in the 80s in England, it combines the carelessness of vintage and the elegance of classics, and its translation - "shabby chic" - speaks for itself.

Shabby Chic Wedding Ideas

Pastel colors, antique pieces of furniture, lace, peonies, and garden roses — in this article, we will tell you everything about preparing for a wedding in the style of shabby chic.

The image of the bride

Shabby chic is lightness, femininity, and the atmosphere of a fairy tale. It is better to abandon corsets, lush multi-layered skirts, heavy makeup, and tightly varnished styling. But what the image of the bride should be:

- a simple style dress made of flying fabric - silk, lace, organza, guipure;

- pastel color scheme - the bride's outfit can be not only white but, for example, powdery, pale blue, champagne or ivory;

- vintage jewelry - both on the body and in the hair;

- the hairstyle may be slightly careless, loose, or gathered-back hair with natural curls, and a braid will look good.

Remember that shabby chic combines shabbiness and sophistication, so the bride's image should be light but not too simple. You can add chic with the help of exciting details: pearl necklace, vintage brooch, lace ribbons, and other jewelry "from grandma's chest."

The image of the groom

The image of the groom and the bride should not be "heavy": a classic tailcoat can be replaced with a more restrained pantsuit or a shirt with a wool vest and a bow tie. Also, the image must be supplemented with vintage details: a boutonniere, suspenders, an antique watch on a chain, etc.

The color scheme should not be too dark: an attractive option would be a combination of light trousers, a jacket, a white shirt, and unusual suspenders.


Decorating a wedding in shabby chic style opens up an actual scope for imagination: you can entrust the decoration to professionals or pick up each item yourself. The main elements of the class include:

- vintage or artificially aged furniture;

- cages for birds;

- massive photo frames;

- "grandmother's" boxes;

- candles;

- lace, ribbons, and pearls;

- tableware with floral patterns, porcelain, and crystal.

You don't need to spend fabulous sums on decoration: if you don't have accurate vintage items, you can buy them at a thrift store or age them yourself using simple techniques.

Choose a spacious room with large windows and light furniture to celebrate a wedding in a restaurant. It's great if the hall has crystal chandeliers and curtains made of soft fabrics.

Photo zone

Since shabby chic is eclectic in its way, use this feature when designing a photo zone. Guests will surely enjoy the combination of a panel with old, half-torn floral wallpaper and a vintage armchair with beautiful velvet upholstery or the neighborhood of an elegant mirror with a battered chest of drawers.

Also, as a basis for the photo zone, you can use empty photo frames of different sizes and shapes, flower arrangements, or panels of light wood draped with fabric.


Invitations should match the style of the wedding. As a basis, you can take kraft paper or designer cardboard and decorate the invitation:

- lace or satin inserts;

- beads or pearls;

- light ribbons;

- scrapbooking paper with flowers;

- thematic images (birds, tea sets, profile portraits, etc.).

Invitations can be signed by hand, or choose a handwritten font for printing. You can also decorate the paper with monograms or monograms.

Bride's bouquet

The bride's bouquet should be lush and, at the same time, very delicate. The best shape is a neat, round, pastel color scheme. The most suitable flowers for this style are garden roses and peonies, and you can complement large inflorescences with light hyacinths, lilacs, ranunculi, and lilies of the valley. Be sure to decorate the bouquet with decorative elements! It can be velvet ribbons, pearls, brooches, lace, or guipure.

Wedding in the style of shabby chic: treats

The "culinary" component of the shabby chic style is more important, not what the treats are made of, but how they are served. Use silver, vintage tableware, and a beautiful setting with patterns to do a cake or other dessert (for example, cupcakes or homemade pies will perfectly fit into the style). If you decide not to abandon the classic cake, it should be simple and elegant. As decorations, light glaze and flowers are suitable — both natural and edible.

Shabby chic style is the perfect solution if you dream of a touching and romantic holiday. Its theme, like no other, is suitable for a wedding, and the newlyweds get an actual scope for creativity.

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