Selecting your wedding music

Music is responsible for emotions, mood and the whole atmosphere of the wedding celebration, so it is so important to pay particular attention to the choice of music for the wedding. Traditionally, the wedding day is comprised of two main parts:

First Wedding Dance, Selecting Music For Big Day

- an official one – that is marriage registration,

- a non-official one – a banquet and a party.

The “Mendelssohn March” is the most popular music for the registry office. If you’re fond of classical music, you can find other appropriate melodies, such as, for instance, Liszt's “Wedding Feast”, Wagner’s “Wedding March” and others. However, recently there has been a tendency to choose modern music. In this case, the choice fully depends on the newlyweds.

Those couples who choose an outside registration for their wedding ceremonies usually prefer live music and invite violinists, a saxophonist or an ensemble. Such musical accompaniment creates a romantic mood and a pleasant festive atmosphere.

No wedding can be imagined without music. First of all, it is important to think over the proper music for certain solemn moments of the wedding program, such as a bride’s bouquet and a groom’s garter, cutting a cake and giving presents, as well as symbolic dances: the first newlyweds’ dance and the dance with parents.

The first newlyweds’ dance should be accompanied by a romantic melody. It’s a good idea to take your favorite song or the one with which many pleasant memories are associated.

When choosing music for the dance with parents, you have to take into account their tastes. You can take your parents' favorite songs, if they correspond to the atmosphere of celebration. Expressing gratitude to their parents, the newlyweds should create the most comfortable atmosphere during this important dance.

The most complicated situation is the choice of dance music for guests. Often guests of different ages and tastes are gathered at the wedding, so it's hard to please everyone. The best option would be an alteration of hits of different years, which have a clear rhythm and melody.

Usually, when you’re looking for a wedding toastmaster in Dubai, he/she works together with a musician or a Dj. But here, it is important to be sure that their program will please you and your guests. Thus, the best option for any couple is to invite a trusted musician, whom acquaintances and friends can recommend to you. He/she knows exactly which music to choose for the wedding. After all, his/her work consists of many nuances: turn on fanfare, background or dance music in time, feel the mood of guests, do not let the awkward silence hang in the banquet hall.