Best rustic wedding decor

The main features of the rustic style include proximity to nature, simplicity of the decor, and even slight negligence in design and the materials used. But this is only at first glance: a thought-out rustic decor is a very delicate and sophisticated style, where there is nothing superfluous, everything is very harmonious, and every detail has its unique sense. Rustic is the style that reminds us of villages and nature. Thus, it is necessary to create decorations taking into account these peculiarities.

Best Rustic Wedding Decor

1. A venue. It is advisable to hold a festive dinner of a rustic wedding outdoors. For example, it is recommended to choose such outdoor locations as a tent, a restaurant with a terrace, and a wooden hangar. The space decorated with numerous light bulbs, garlands, and candles looks very beautiful. The special cozy lighting of rustic weddings is a distinctive feature of the style. If you choose a tent or an open veranda, pay particular attention to the design of the ceiling. Fabric canvases, ribbons, voluminous balls of paper and branches, paper pompoms, and garlands are actively used.

2. Color choice. Color choice for a rustic wedding is huge, but natural shades are necessarily present in the palette. Pay attention to such colors as beige, brown, olive, and all shades of green. Shades of garden and wildflowers, fruits are also commonly used. These include wheat, lavender, cornflower, pomegranate, eggplant, and pumpkin. The main point is that the chosen colors should not contrast with the surrounding landscapes and nature.

3. Decor. Sackcloth is widely used in rustic decor. Tablecloths and table paths, napkins, decorations on chairs, and flags are made from it. It is also used to decorate small wedding gifts for guests. Small bags of sackcloth are filled with sweets and serve as cute favors for invitees. Sackcloth is a popular material for decorating various wedding accessories: pillows for rings, candles, glasses, invitations, and flower vases.

Other popular materials are twigs, dried flowers, and greenery such as pampas grass, and cones. You can find birdcages, lanterns, decorative pots and flower pots, glass jars and aluminum buckets instead of vases, watering cans, wooden clothespins, baskets, as well as some pieces of furniture – dressers, tables with drawers, wooden doors. Wood as a material is generally popular in rustic decor. The most relevant patterns are floral, herbal ornaments, and images of birds, and horses.

It is possible to combine some of the above-mentioned decorative elements in order to create the best decor for a rustic wedding.