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Royal themed wedding ideas

It is quite possible to realize the most cherished dream of every girl - to marry a real prince - if you organize a wedding in a royal style. The biggest challenge is choosing the era for the royal wedding. You can imagine yourself as the French king and queen of the Louis era, or you can imagine yourself as the Indian rulers of the Middle Ages. The

Royal Themed Wedding Inspiration

the choice is for the newlyweds.

The choice of a place for a wedding in a royal style depends on the choice of the era and the nation, which the newlyweds will "rule" at their celebration. If the wedding of Indian rulers is chosen, then it would be appropriate to set up wedding tents on the banks of the river. But still more often when the phrase "royal wedding" arises an association with the magnificent triumph of the European monarchs of past centuries. Old palaces and country estates in the royal style are suitable for celebrating such a wedding. There are a lot of interesting old palaces that gladly host newlyweds in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the Czech Republic, Austria, and many European countries. However, if the option of renting a palace does not suit the newlyweds, then with the help of decorators it is possible to arrange any room.

Royal wedding invitations should be an effective and bright touch that will create the right mood for guests and will be remembered. These accessories should be in a royal style, for example, in the form of scrolls, packed in an elegant case. The decorative design paper is perfect for making royal scrolls, the scrolls are decorated with monograms, brooches, and patterns and sealed with a wax seal.

The main characteristics of the premises where the wedding in the royal style will take place: are the richness of decoration, high cost of fabrics, monograms, and monograms of the imperial family. If the medieval era is chosen for the royal wedding, then stained glass windows and knightly armor on pedestals will be an obligatory part of the decor of the room. If the royal design of the wedding involves reproducing the interior of the premises for the royal families of the 20th century, then the main emphasis is on fabric draperies: the walls are draped with a dense plain fabric, decorated with monograms and monograms of the future family.

And then luxurious fabrics are collected in chic draperies and bows on furniture details and other interior elements. A successful example of a royal wedding interior can be seen in the movie "The Royal Wedding".

The image of the groom-king and bride-queen should have a lot of expensive jewelry and accessories. The main accessory of the bride - the queen and the groom-king is, of course, the crown.

Typically, suits for a royal wedding include: wigs swords hats with feathers fans vests boots - boots and the like It is necessary to purchase a large number of accessories for a royal-style celebration and offer them to those guests who have forgotten about the dress code for a royal wedding. Royal Wedding Menu The names of the dishes should be appropriate for the era. Dishes suitable for a royal table: pancakes with red and black caviar, stuffed sturgeon, suckling pig, and so on. Alcoholic drinks - only of the highest quality.

Wedding tables are decorated with delicate satin or silk, bright ribbons and pearls, and fresh flowers. The setting on the royal table must be impeccable, the dishes must be expensive. Whatever era the newlyweds choose, kings always ate from gold and silver dishes. Wedding cortege for the royal wedding. The most traditional version of the cortege for the king and queen is a horse-drawn carriage with a coachman in smart livery. Monograms on the doors of the carriage and flowers woven into the horse's manes - and now the transport looks like a king!

However, modern monarchs drive luxurious cars, so a chic fashionable car may well become a royal wedding car for young people. Royals are photographed against the backdrop of nature, with horses, near ancient castles. It is worth showing a little imagination and preparing the props for a photo shoot, since it is hardly possible to be in such a beautiful royal setting, dressed like a king and queen, surrounded by people in clothes of previous eras. For a long time, vivid photographs will delight you with memories of the happy moments of the royal wedding celebration.

A royal wedding is a magical fairy tale, in which all the girls of the world are happy to immerse themselves since childhood, reading books about the royal wedding of Cinderella and Ariel. Watching videos and movies about royal weddings around the world and getting ready to become a real queen for at least one wedding day!

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