How to write wedding vows

A wedding vow is a touching and sincere oral letter to your beloved. This moment is considered to be one of the frankest ones. Let’s see how to express all the feelings you have in words and what to talk about in your vow.

Sometimes, people find it difficult to express their emotions and feelings through words. Although everything seems clear, it becomes rather difficult to find the right words and arrange them in beautiful and touching sentences.

How To Write Wedding Vows

1. Find inspiration. This is the main and, at the same time, the most difficult part. Usually, it is advisable to write vows while staying alone. When you’re all alone with your thoughts and feelings, you can concentrate on emotions and write a sincere vow.

2. Recall your dates, look through photos/videos. It is one of the most helpful ways to find the right mood. When looking through photos, you’ll immediately plunge into those moments and recall your feelings.

3. Talk with your sweetheart about a vow format. Discuss the length of your vows. It should be approximately the same. If one of you talks for 4 minutes, while the other one says just a few words, it will make one of you get confused.

4. Do not try to make your vow perfect. It means that you’re not a professional writer. You do not have to write something special. Just write down your thoughts and your sincere feelings. The sense of the vow but not its phraseology is more appreciated. Otherwise, your words will look artificial and ridiculous. It is better to be less artistic but to be real.

5. Do not be too detailed. Try to avoid personal or embarrassing facts. Although your vow can include some personal experiences, it is better to skip too private cases.

6. Points to note in your vow. You can say a few words on the following topics:

What admires you in your beloved?

What was your first impression of your partner during the first date?

What do you want to achieve together?

Why do you miss when being apart?

7. Do not create too long vows. A sincere touching vow is a part of the ceremony. There is no need to tell all your feelings. Leave these words for your intimate conversations. You vow should take 2-3 minutes.

8. Avoid cliches. Cliches make a speech too formal and boring. They sound like parrot-fashion.

9. Read it out loud. Even if you think that there is nothing easier than to read some words, you’re wrong. You should practice reading aloud. This will help achieve the right voice timbre.

10. If you can’t remember your vow, do not get shy and read it from a sheet of paper.