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Romantic blush pink wedding ideas

Pink is perhaps the most traditional color for a wedding. This color creates the most pleasant associations in mind: romance, tenderness, youth, dreams, and carelessness.

Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Ideas

If one knows how to use and combine this color, pink can shine with its versatility and look very aristocratic and original. There is no wonder that the Pantone color institute chose the creamy pink Rose Quartz as one of the two main shades of the year!

The pink color is a frequent guest at weddings. Every couple more or less admires this color. It will inevitably add a touch of naivety to the most modern and cheeky decor. And if newlyweds choose a wedding in the style of Shabby, Vintage, and Classic, pink is simply irreplaceable!

Pink is an almost universal color that is easily combined with many other shades. It is suitable for wedding decorations in all seasons. If you decided to arrange a blush pink wedding, you should consider each small detail of the decor.

1. Flowers. A bridal bouquet should include pink flowers (roses, peonies). When you order a bouquet, do not forget to say a florist that you have a blush link wedding, and pink flowers are the main element of the bouquet.

A floral arch with peony roses, silky ribbons, and greenery will be an excellent photo zone where every guest will be able to take photos with newlyweds.

2. Cake. A wedding cake is an important part of the celebration and one of the main decorations of a reception. Thus, it always draws attention and impresses guests. Make sure that it has pink colors. For example, it can be a fruit pink cake layer or decor with roses or peonies.

3. Outfits. A groom’s boutonniere should include the pink color. What concerns a bride, she can choose a milky or nude dress instead of a classic white one, or add some pink accessories (a brooch, a belt).

4. Attributes. All wedding attributes (candles, napkins, decorative compositions, etc.) should be of pink or similar colors. For example, make bows from pink and white fabrics and decorate guests’ chairs with them. The majority of balloons (if you use them) also should be pink.

5. Decoration. It can be flowers/floral compositions or balloons. You can choose any decorative elements, but the main thing is to find the right color shades and match them correctly. Too much pink is also bad. If you want to create a stylish blush pink wedding, it is reasonable to use a color wheel or hire professional decorators who will help you find the right way to make your venue beautiful and stylish.

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