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Rock style inspired wedding

Not all girls dream of a wedding in pink colors, a fluffy dress, a delicate bouquet, and a slow waltz as the first dance of the young. It is becoming a fashionable trend to make bright, themed weddings that emphasize the character of the newlyweds and the fire in their relationship. Rock weddings can quickly become such a celebration. This style is

Rock Style Inspired Wedding Decor Flowers

associated with rebellion, freedom, boundlessness, music records and electric guitars, leather jackets with spikes, and mohawk.

Of course, it is necessary to warn relatives and guests about such a topic in advance and start preparing. General A Rock Style Wedding Venue Your wedding venue should be a spacious hall. Ideally, a gallery with an additional dance floor, as the style itself involves a lot of noise, fun, music, and dance. For example, an outdoor concert venue, a country club, or a park will work great.

A nightclub can become the venue if the holiday is scheduled for the cold season. The color scheme assumes a variety of colors, but the base is, of course, black, with the addition of red and metallic shades. On a note! Wedding attributes: balloons of black, red, and white colors, motorcycles, electric guitars, leather items of clothing, posters of famous rock musicians, spikes and skulls, biker bandanas, music records, graffiti in the interior, microphones, sunglasses

Invitations can be in the form of cards depicting the symbols of rock, or there can be individual elements, for example, a music record with a leaf in the middle, which reflects all the information about the upcoming event. To impress future guests, you can order a courier who will bring inappropriate clothing invitations.

To decorate the banquet hall and stage, dummies of guitars, photographs, and posters of famous rock bands and musicians are perfect. Large candles and decorative skulls with stones can stand on the tables. Classic red roses, large branches, or leaves of exotic plants are excellent. When choosing a menu, give preference to American or European cuisine. You can safely organize a buffet table because the style does not imply a long feast but energetic Thais, drive, and freedom.

There can be light salads, snacks, canapés, hot kebabs on skewers, and many fruit compositions. As for alcohol, the choice here is limitless, provided by the taste of the newlyweds. A wedding cake in several tiers is good; it is good if each level is painted in a different color. An attractive solution would be to name each table intended for guests in honor of a famous rock festival or band. When seated, everyone receives a flyer directing them to a specific table.

What about the wedding procession? Immediately there is a picture of the bride and groom driving up on a noisy motorcycle. It is true! It is a great way to be extraordinary in your choice of transport. But classics are also appropriate, for example, a Cadillac, a convertible, or maybe even a black limousine. You can decorate a car by tying cans on leather laces and attaching a dummy guitar to the door or hood of the vehicle. ROCK Bride and Groom! A transforming dress can easily replace the classic fluffy dress: when you unzip the zipper, the skirt quickly turns from a length into a short one.

Dresses with lace, veil, and mesh will look great. You can choose bright red stiletto heels or black leather boots with a metal heel when choosing shoes. Large chains, bracelets, pendants, and earrings will serve as jewelry. The makeup is in bright shades: scarlet lipstick and black arrows on the eyes. As for the image of the groom at such a wedding, a classic black suit with a white shirt is chosen here.

It can be complemented with a bright bow tie or tie, leather inserts on the jacket, and tousled hair. On a note! A well-designed photo zone will help you truly impress your guests. It also needs to be rock-style. It can be a retro car where guests can take pictures, an impromptu scene with drums and a microphone on a stand, or a wall decorated with painted graffiti.

Dress Code for Wedding Guests It is not easy to find the right outfit for a celebration like this. Both guys and girls will look good jeans, as shoes - boots, sneakers. Black dresses, metal jewelry, and bright makeup are suitable for girls. The image can be complemented by bandanas, leather jackets, and belts.

It is necessary to distribute invitations or at least warn guests about the theme of your wedding a month before the ceremony. After all, they must prepare for this event, including choosing the appropriate clothes. End the marriage with dazzling fireworks launched into the night sky. All guests will be impressed by the time spent, vivid photographs from your event will remain a keepsake, and you will remember your wedding more than once!

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