What to do with wedding stuff after the ceremony

The preparatory process of a wedding is an expensive and nervous time for every couple. It is necessary to buy a lot of things and wedding attributes. But as the wedding is over, one simple question arises: where to put all these things and what to do with them?

Ideas For Leftover Wedding Items

There are different things: some of them can be stored and served as the memory of a wedding day, and some of them can be sold or borrowed. Each person decides for him-/herself what to do with wedding items. Usually, there are three obvious ways out. It perfectly explains all possible ways of how you can use wedding items after the celebration.

1. Sell. Newlyweds can sell some things. Thus, they will be able to get some money back. There are brides who sell their wedding dresses after the celebration. There are two types of bribes: some of them prefer storing a wedding dress in a wardrobe as a memory, looking at it, or even trying it over the years. Others think that it takes too much place, and it is expensive, so they sell it to get some money back. A groom usually keeps his suit for other solemn occasions. Usually, couples sell expensive things. There are special stocks where second-hand things are placed and sold.

2. Share. Quite frequently, if the first child from a family marries, many wedding attributes and things are stored for the next wedding. Or newlyweds can share them with their relatives or friends. Such items as decorative flowers, ribbons, decorated wine glasses, and bride’s accessories can be given to those who are just planning to tie the knot. There is no need to buy new similar things if your friend or relative has them. Moreover, if these items are already useless for them. Thus, many wedding things can have a second life. Sharing usually occurs by means of a word of mouth. People do not put items in online stores and so on.

3. Save. The most cherished and innermost things are usually stored in a newlyweds’ house. It can be a candle that denotes a family hearth, icons, photos, etc. These are things that are of great importance for newlyweds. Usually, they have a separate place in a house and remind partners of that pleasant and happy moment. Newlyweds’ parents also keep some wedding items at home.

Although nowadays, many couples sell almost all wedding items, still, there are superstitions that it is forbidden to sell or share some things after the wedding. For example, a wedding veil and even a wedding dress. Some people believe that this may cause problems or quarrels in a young family. Still, it’s up to you whether to believe it or not.