Reasons why men suddenly vanish

There are many reasons why your adored man suddenly disappears from your life while you strongly believe everything was great in your relationship. Perhaps, he started considering you an uninteresting woman, or he is caught in severe problems and does not want you to get into trouble, too.

Reasons Why Men Suddenly Vanish

A man quitting relationships without an apparent reason is considered a coward and a mean person. It is somewhat understandable why a man vanishes after the very first date. Still, if a sudden breakup takes place after a relationship, it involves at least a minimum responsibility. It requires the same minimum explanations (unless you have mutually agreed on an open relationship, where both of you are free to do what you want).

The most typical reasons why men suddenly vanish after a period of seemingly happy relationships

At the initial stage of your relationship:

- He has lost your contacts and does not know how to get in touch with you

- He surprisingly realized that he did not want to start any love affairs

- He is already in a relationship

- He regards your acquaintance as nothing more than just flirt

- He understands that he dislikes you

- Personal concerns (such as moving, illness, depression)

After a few encounters with you:

- You have lost your attraction to him

- You are just a backup girl for him

- You embarrassed him because you may be rushing things (for example, by talking about a serious relationship.

- He realized that he is not worthy of you (you are a too good girl for him)

After some time in relationships:

- He realized that his relationship with you would not lead to anything

- He stopped loving you

- He found another woman

- He just manipulated you or used you for personal advantage

- He fell into depression or understood that serious relationships are not his thing

Suddenly vanishing after some time in a marriage:

- He met another woman

- He has serious problems he cannot tell you about

- It is just a psychological crisis

- He is tired of relationships and wants to sort out his feelings

- You are too envious, and he is tired of proving his innocence

- He understands that your goals in life are too different; you do not have mutual values, principles, interests

- He was never going to build long-term relationships with you