Reasons to buy two wedding dresses

Nowadays, many brides choose two wedding dresses for a celebration. In this article, let’s consider why you need two different outfits during the event.

Reasons To Buy Two Wedding Dresses

1. Convenience. This is perhaps one of the most significant reasons. Especially in those cases when brides choose a classic princess bridal dress with a fluffy skirt for the official part of the event. When it’s time to hit the floor, dance, and relax, you will feel comfortable in a less fluffy and shorter dress. You won’t have to think about how not to step on the train or skirt.

2. Changing of the image. If a wedding will be held in a rather traditional format, it means that a bride is simply obliged to choose a classic look. But still, this does not mean that she has to forget about her dream outfit if it is beyond the accepted options. A bride can wear a crop top of pink color at the end of the celebration. Put on a traditional wedding dress at the ceremony, and your desired outfits for the wedding banquet.

3. A wedding photoshoot. If the weather is not so sunny, or your wedding is in autumn or spring, you can easily dirt the hem of the dress. Or if your photoshoot is held a few days before a celebration, it is possible to put on different dresses to get your groom surprised.

4. Some couples arrange a wedding photoshoot, vice versa, after the holiday. It is quite problematic to bring a wedding dress with you as it takes too much place in the luggage.

5. If you have a religious marriage, you should choose the dress that covers shoulders, back, does not have a deep neckline. After the ceremony, you can change your dress and put on the one that you like.

6. If you celebrate the event for two days, you can put on the second option for the second day. Long ago, it was accepted that a bride puts on the same dress. Nowadays, brides prefer changing clothes. Usually, they wear evening or cocktail dresses for the second day. But it is possible to choose a wedding option too.

7. There is no bride who is safe from strains of wine, food, rain, cosmetics. But she is the key person of the event; thus, she should look stunning in any case. Thus, the second wedding dress can be an excellent spare option to put on if you’re first one is dirty.

8. It is difficult for you to choose one between several options. For example, both a “mermaid” dress and airy and light attire perfectly fit you. Do not force yourself to choose. Indulge yourself and buy both! This is the event that happens once in a lifetime; so, let you take lots of different photos in different dresses and remember this day forever.