Raspberry color wedding ideas

Juicy colors of summer can not but prompt the choice of raspberry color for a wedding. After all, the delicious color of ripe ripe raspberries is able to excite a cheerful mood and charge the atmosphere with positive emotions.

The raspberry palette harmoniously combines the fiery passion of red and the cooling freshness of blue. On the one

Raspberry Color Wedding Ideas

hand, raspberry is the color of tranquility, and on the other – the color of royal endurance.

Wedding decoration in raspberry

The design of the wedding hall in raspberry is a spectacular and memorable move. Since the color itself attracts the main attention, the room practically does not matter.

The main task in the design of the room is reduced to the placement of bright accents. Depending on the chosen color scheme, you can create unusual color compositions. For example, for the decoration of wedding tables, you can use luxurious snow-white tablecloths, porcelain plates, crystal glasses, and napkins of juicy raspberry color. As additional bright inclusions, you can add decorative stones or hearts of raspberry color. In addition, classic snow-white tablecloths can be replaced with raspberry tablecloths. In this case, it is recommended to serve tables with golden-colored appliances, complementing the composition with cream napkins.

Delicate figures of angels on wedding tables, directly on the table for the newlyweds, will look quite appropriate. The table for the newlyweds can also be decorated with bright feathers or lace draperies. Such candles can be placed among exotic flowers or simply placed in cylindrical glass candlesticks decorated with raspberry, pink and cream-colored corrugated paper.

Delicious raspberry color can be added to the decoration of chairs in the form of lush satin or tulle bows. It would not be superfluous to serve the wedding table with fresh raspberries with mint leaves in originally decorated bowls.

Light desserts with ripe fruits will look no less harmonious on festive tables. Take care of the availability of refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with raspberry flavor.

There are a lot of ideas and variations of outfits for the bride. The bride can be offered a classic white dress of a strict style with a bright raspberry belt, or a flying airy dress with fuchsia elements decorated with beads, flowers, or lace. In addition, a pink wedding dress, diluted with less colorful decorations, is suitable for a raspberry wedding.

If the emphasis is still on wedding accessories, then you should pay attention to details such as raspberry wedding shoes, an identical miniature handbag, of course, bright accessories for the neck or arm, as well as a veil or a hairpin for a wedding hairstyle.

Playing with the color scheme, you can create a gentle romantic image or, on the contrary, bold and indomitable. Everything is in your hands and capabilities!

Men's wedding attire is somewhat limited in the variety of models. However, despite this, the groom can also look impressive and stylish. As a color element, the groom can be offered a raspberry shirt and a cream three-piece suit. Another option is a traditional black suit with a white shirt and a raspberry tie. A boutonniere for the groom can be just as bright. Bright shoes are suitable for the most extravagant men.

Flowers for a wedding in raspberry

Flower arrangements are a great option to create an extraordinary atmosphere in the room. Decorate the wedding hall with original floral screens. Complement the festive tables with live or artificial flowers and greenery. Roses, orchids, carnations, chrysanthemums, and other pink-cream flowers will look perfect. You can enliven a floral cocktail of pink and creamy shades with a violet spot.

As for the bride's bouquet, here, undoubtedly, you can make a composition of white-pink and purple colors, combined with unripe yellow-green raspberries.

Wedding accessories for a wedding in raspberry

Starting from warm juicy shades, an image of lightness and airiness arises. Decorative butterflies and dragonflies of bright raspberry and turquoise colors can serve as the personification of these qualities.

Invitations sewn with bright threads and decorated with raspberry buttons will look interesting.

Bonbonnieres and gifts for guests should also be made in pink and raspberry designs. Do not forget about the ring cushion, bracelets for bridesmaids, number cards, and car decorations.

Wedding ideas in raspberry

Since raspberries grow in summer, the idea comes to mind to organize a wedding outdoors, not indoors. In this case, the concept of a wedding can be reduced to a country style. Be sure that the photo and video shooting will be amazing and picturesque.

Or maybe you decide to organize a really raspberry wedding - an unusual and insanely delicious celebration!