Purple wedding theme

The purple-themed wedding is one of the popular choices among newlyweds as this color compliments almost all other shades. It blends perfectly with any pastel shade and fits all weddings. It also looks nice no matter what season your wedding is. Whether it's a summer or winter event, there are many purple decoration ideas that will make your wedding

Purple Wedding Theme

bright and vibrant.

There are many shades of purple that will alter the theme of your wedding, from gentle and romantic to elegant and traditional.

Light purple shades such as lilac, lavender, or orchid will look great in the spring and summer.

Darker shades, such as amethyst, plum will look nice at any time because you can adjust it by matching with light pastel colors. As for deep plum color, it will perfectly fit winter or autumn weddings.

It’s not necessary to combine purple color with white or beige as people usually do. To make not ordinary design, you can match light lavender and dark purple.

But you can always go for neutrals that will highlight the beauty of purple.

• With silver color. It will look elegant if you mix it with light purple.

• White makes any color highlighted, so you can choose any of the purple shades.

• If you want a softer and more romantic look, go for a cream color

• Grey color will look wonderful with lavender, especially when used in rustic style.

• Black and white combination is classic but what if to replace the white with lilac?

When choosing the wedding color, need to remember that deep shades are the best choice for the fall and winter celebrations. Conversely, a combination of light purples with white or other neutral will look fresh and complement summer or winter weddings.

You can also try something unexpected and mix purple with pink, or blue, or pale peach. These combinations should be used carefully.

Most usually brides prefer to keep their dress white, but bridesmaids can choose any shade of purple. To comply with a theme, a bride can add purple jewelry or accessories to her look. As for groomsmen, they usually choose a similar tie or add purple boutonniere to their costumes.

It’s not necessary to stick with only purple when you choose flowers. If you want a pink rose bouquet, go for it, it will stand out among wedding decors. If you want to continue the purple theme in your bridal bouquet, go for hydrangeas, Irises, orchids, lavender.

Decorate the venue with your chosen color. You can have a runner in purple or add a purple fabric to your flower. Don’t forget about the chairs and centerpieces on the guests' table, you can also incorporate your chosen color on it.