The pros and cons of first look photos

Although the wedding is an unusual day for newlyweds, which they want to remember, instead of enjoying the holiday they have to rush headlong from one location to another and watch for thousands of details.

The pros and cons of first look photos

Thus, such a memorable day turns into a real pack of hustle and bustle. To feel all the charm and atmosphere of such an important day you can arrange a photo shoot another day. Such a step has its pros and cons. Now, let’s consider them:

• Having chosen another day for the event, you will be able to focus only on the photoshoot itself and spend these hours with pleasure. You’ll feel calm and relaxed as nothing will distract you from your partner and a photographer. It will also be much easier for the photographer to work without distracting his/her attention on guests and a constant change of locations.

• If you decide to make the photo shoot on the wedding day, it is likely that you’ll have to conform to guests and all other events. Quite often, at weddings, it happens that guests get bored while waiting for newlyweds, who went to the photo session. Or, vice versa, the shooting is carried out in a hurry so as not to make guests wait.

• You will have a great opportunity to devote the whole day for the event, choose the time that is convenient for you. In addition, you will have the chance to take photos that cannot be captured on the wedding day – for example, against the background of dawn or sunset over the river, or night landscapes.

• Moreover, newlyweds can choose any location for the photo shoot without being attached to the guests and the wedding’s venue.

• It is impossible to choose the weather on the wedding day, and if it doesn’t please you, you won’t get anywhere from it. At the same time, it is easy to arrange a wedding photo session on another day when the weather is more suitable! Newlyweds and free to choose any month and time of the year.

• A bride should not worry about her hairstyle, makeup. She can hire a specialist, who will tidy the bridal hairstyle and face during the photo shoot, depending on weather conditions, time of day, or lighting.

Now, let’s find out the cons:

• It is rather expensive. As you will have to hire specialists (a photographer, a stylist, a hairdresser, etc.) one more time. Thus, the last pro seems to be a con as well.

• If you’re a busy person, it will be problematic for you to find free time to devote the whole day for a separate photo shoot.

As you see, there are much more pluses than minuses. Nevertheless, it’s up to you what option to choose. The decision depends only on the bride and the groom.