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The pros and cons of getting married on a holiday

When two people are ready to become one family, the first thing to do is to appoint the date of a celebration. So, when a couple tries to choose a wedding day, it is important to keep in mind many points. In this article, let’s see what pros and cons you face is you arrange the celebration on a holiday.

The pros and cons of getting married on a holiday

The holiday is a festive day when everybody has a rest. Quite frequently, concerts or entertaining programs are held. What does it mean for your couple?

Pros of getting married on a holiday:

1. First of all, all invitees will be free. Be sure that no one will work. You can invite guests and be sure that only a few of them can have any excuses. The majority of people you want to invite will be present at the celebration.

2. Secondly, your anniversaries will always be a holiday. After years, make sure that each year your anniversary will be a free day. Thus, you can celebrate it with friends yearly. Even if the date falls out during the working week, you’ll have a day off.

3. You or your sweetheart won’t forget the date of the wedding after years.

4. You can visit a public celebration and enjoy an entertaining program.

Cons of getting married on a holiday:

However, in this case, there are more cons rather than pros. Let’s start counting.

1. Prices for services will be higher. When you start searching wedding service providers, you’ll find out that they have higher prices for this day. For example, toastmasters, photographers, firework specialists will cost more than in a simple weekend. Moreover, many professional service providers will be busy. Thus, you should consider this point several months ahead.

2. It is necessary to book the date in a registry office in advance. Keep in mind that other couples will desire to register their families on this day as well. Thus, do not wait and book the date as early as possible. Moreover, if you have the wedding in summer.

3. It is necessary to book a venue several months ahead. Remember that most cafes will be booked by organizations, companies. If it is a holiday, you’re likely to face problems with finding the right place for a banquet.

4. Public places will be crowded. It will be difficult to find the right place for a photoshoot. If you want to make a wedding photoshoot in a public place, it will be a problem on the holiday. Such places as parks, alleys will be overcrowded.

Although there are 4 to 4, minuses are rather significant. However, it’s up to you to choose. No one tries to dissuade you from getting married on the holiday.

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