Pretty bridal manicure ideas

A wedding is an important day for every bride. She’ll be in the spotlight. Everything should be perfect. Thus, the bride should be dressed to kill. No imperfection is allowed. Along with a wedding dress, hairstyle, and makeup, a bridal manicure is one of the most important parts of a wedding image. Thus, let’s see what types of manicures prefer modern brides.

Pretty Bridal Manicure Ideas

1. French manicure. Traditionally, it is the most wanted manicure. It perfectly matches a wedding outfit. Usually, a nude or light pink base is chosen. A thin horizontal line on the tip of the nail is drawn. Sometimes, rhinestones are added to one or several nails. Also, it is possible to draw some curls or abstract images. This manicure looks rather natural and delicate.

2. Gradient. This technique is also widely used. According to it, one color gradually changes to another. The most popular combinations are pink&white, nude&white. To achieve a gradient effect, it is necessary to cover nails with a base color. Then, apply the second color on one half of a nail. Then, rub the nail on a color border to mix two shades and make the border smoother.

3. Monochromatic nails with drawings or rhinestones. Quite frequently, brides give preference to a one-color nail manicure. They choose light pink, nude, or white shades. As all nails are covered with the main color, many brides attach rhinestones, sparkles, or draw some images. Usually, these are flowers or abstract curls.

4. Rubbing. Many brides love a rubbing technique. In this case, nails shimmer. Thus, after applying the base color, nails are rubbed to achieve a shimmering effect. One nail can be decorated with a 3D flower or rhinestones.

5. Applying sliders and stickers. Some brides choose a transparent base and apply some inscriptions on it. Usually, nude or beige shades are chosen. Sliders can include different words, and statements. For example, the words “family”, “love”, “vow”, and so on can decorate the bride’s nails. This wedding manicure idea looks more daring and extraordinary.

What concerns colors, as you see, in most cases, pastel shades are preferable. Nude, peach, pink, light grey, and white are the most popular colors. Such saturated shades as red, dark blue, and burgundy are rarely used.

As a rule, nails should make up the whole image but not be too eye-catching. They should not distract guests from the bride and her image. That is why it is not advisable to choose dark and saturated colors for a bridal manicure.