Pre wedding bridal beauty routine

A bride should look stunning at the wedding, as she is the main person at the event. Guests will admire her and stare at her all the time. Her beauty should draw attention so that attendees won’t be able to tear their eyes off her. In this case, she has no chance to mistake.

Pre Wedding Bridal Beauty Routine

Everything, every detail of her image should be perfect. These include a fresh tone and condition of her skin, the whiteness of teeth, neat manicure, etc. Thus, in this article, let’s consider what pre-wedding pampering is obligatory for each bride.

1. Solarium. If you want your dress to look even more gorgeous on you, then it is advisable to start attending a solarium two weeks before the celebration. A slightly tanned body will look stunning in a white wedding dress. 4-6 procedures for 7-10 minutes will be quite enough.

2. Face cleaning. It is necessary to do this procedure two weeks before your festive day, as your face should have enough time to recover. The procedure will ensure your fresh and healthy complexion without black spots and inflammation.

3. Peeling and wrapping. A bride’s skin should be silky and soft. To do this, beauty specialists use anti-cellulite wraps with seaweed or chocolate as well as light peelings. If you go to the solarium, ask a beautician to find the best option for you, which will not spoil your tan.

4. Teeth whitening. Do you want to shine with a snow-white smile? Then do not forget to go to the dentist and whiten your teeth. Keep in mind that after the procedure, it is forbidden to eat food that is able to color teeth. Thus, it is important to do it in advance.

5. Everything that concerns your hair. Your wedding styling will not look perfect if your hair is dry and lifeless. It is necessary to cut split ends, refresh its color and do a complex of wellness procedures to add shine to your hair.

6. Trial hairstyle and makeup. One week before the wedding: it’s high time to try to make up your image. Trial hairstyling is a useful procedure as, during it, it may appear that the hairstyle you want does not suit your face, image, or complexion. Thus, trial makeup and hairstyle are the perfect chance to find and create your ideal image.

7. Depilation. 2-4 days before the celebration:

8. If you’re not satisfied with your eyelashes, you can go to a beauty salon and make them bushy.

9. Eyebrows correction

10. Manicure/pedicure

11. Relaxing massage. You’re probably nervous, and a relaxing oil massage will be an ideal option to relax and forget about all sorts of problems.

12. The final touch – is a refreshing nourishing face mask that will help your face look fresh throughout the holiday.