Popular wedding flowers for every season

A wedding decoration is an essential element of the event. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the chosen materials and things. Each ornament will depend on the season. Different objects and flowers are associated with various seasons of the year. Thus, choosing the right flowers and making proper arrangements is necessary. In this article, let's consider how to decorate tables and what flower centerpieces will be the best choice for every season.

Popular Wedding Flowers For Every Season


- Use wildflowers. Summer is a bright season full of energy, positive emotions, and vivid shades. You can put a bouquet of wildflowers on your reception table. Purple, green, and yellow hues won't leave your guests indifferent.

- Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers associated with summer. It reminds me of the sun and looks exquisite. You can put some sunflowers in a glass vase or a wicker basket and make them the centerpiece of your decoration.

- Delicate peonies look incredibly romantic and sophisticated. You can get some birdcages and put flowers in them.


Autumn provides a great diversity of natural decorative elements besides flowers that can be used in wedding decor.

- Use succulents. These flowers are perfect for wedding centerpieces and are available throughout the year. They can be used as the central element and complemented with other autumn elements.

- Use dried branches and twigs and combine them with succulents.

- Colorful autumn leaves combined with flowers and moss will look cozy and rustic. In addition, you can add pine cones or candles to this arrangement. Moss and candles always create the perfect match.

- Cranberries and acorns will also come in handy if you want to create a beautiful decoration for your autumn celebration.


- If you want to create a genuinely cozy reception, flowers of saturated colors (burgundy, dark green, dark blue) should be the centerpiece.

- Matching such flowers with moss, pine cones, or candles will be perfect. Put candles in glass jars and put these jars in moss. Decorate the composition with pine cones on moss and floral arrangements placed on long-leg candlesticks.

- Use lanterns.


- Gold-like candlesticks will make the perfect match with green and yellow hues. You'll have an exquisite centerpiece for your spring wedding if you put candlesticks surrounded with greenery and small yellow flowers.

- Tulips will be the centerpiece of a wedding reception. These flowers are traditionally associated with reborn nature.

- A spring celebration should be made in delicate hues where green, milky, creamy, and nude shades are preferable.