Wedding flower names you need to know

A traditional wedding is full of various customs and superstitions. Thus, for example, newlyweds are met with bread and salt. Therefore, if a couple decides to observe superstition in everything, then it is worthwhile to find out the meaning of each flower before choosing a bride’s wedding bouquet. This will set the right mood for the wedding event. That is why let’s consider what flowers are the most suitable for the celebration.

Wedding Flower Names You Need To Know

- Roses are an ancient symbol of love and passion. This is probably why they are the most popular plant used in most wedding bouquets. If it includes roses, the tradition of throwing the bride's bouquet takes on a special meaning. The bride passes the symbol of love to an unmarried girl, predetermining meeting destiny and her future wedding.

- Orchids are close in their meaning to roses. They mean love, wealth, and fertility. Orchids are an excellent choice for newlyweds who hope not only for a long and strong relationship but also for financial stability.

- Lilies prophesy a long marriage, wealth, and prosperity to newlyweds.

- Hydrangeas are characterized by mutual understanding and agreement. Such flowers will be perfect for those sweethearts who put these qualities at the forefront.

- Peonies are the Chinese symbol of a happy and strong marriage. Therefore, such a bouquet will be not only beautiful but also symbolic.

- The meaning of tulips varies according to their color. Purple flowers mean loyalty and benevolence. Burgundy tulips mean ideal love, and the classic white shade is forgiveness.

- Dahlias symbolize eternal relationships and love. Dahlias also emphasize the elegance of the bride. Such flowers make your celebration or outfit sophisticated.

- Lavender means calmness, purity, and devotion. Besides, the flower has a very pleasant aroma.

- Chrysanthemum symbolizes a flower of optimism, joy, and a good mood. These are perfect flowers for those couples who appreciate a positive attitude and emotions in everything.

These are the most widely used wedding flowers in Dubai. However, they are not a panacea. If your favorite flowers are not on the list, it doesn’t matter that you should avoid them. You can choose any flower you wish. The above-mentioned list is only a kind of advice.

Remember that the choice of flowers depends on the type of wedding. Different wedding styles require different flowers. For example, wildflowers will be perfect for an eco or rustic celebration.