Wedding themes that are trending in 2020

If you plan to hold a wedding ceremony in 2020 and create a unique holiday, read the article. Nowadays, themed weddings have gained popularity. A traditional party seems to be outdated.

Wedding Themes That Are Trending In 2020

Engaged couples trying to choose unusual themes for their celebration to impress guests and remember their wedding day. Here, we consider the most trending ones for 2020. Let’s start:

1. “The Great Gatsby” style. If you want to feel the main character of the self-titled book and be surrounded by glamour, chic, and luxury, this wedding theme is perfect for such aims. The main shade of decorations is bright shiny or matte gold. Light beige, pearl, peach, and noble black can be chosen as additional colors. Champagne and whiskey fountains are an indispensable detail of this style. The most suitable clothes are dresses sewn from flowing airy fabrics with a lowered waistline and an abundance of shine elements – rhinestones, sequins, and shiny satin. For men, walking sticks, hats, and expensive suits are preferable. It is impossible to imagine wedding decor of the style without feathers, lace, fur, or pearls.

2. A rustic or Boho theme. If you choose an outdoor location, you can add a bit of a rural atmosphere to your holiday. Untidy hair and a simple airy dress, a wreath, and wildflowers create a romantic atmosphere and get a couple and guests closer to nature. This is the opposite option of the first one. This is an excellent choice for partners who are tired of luxurious and garish decorations. This is the theme for those who appreciate simplicity and tenderness. The Rustic wedding becomes more and more popular, and in 2020, it will reach the top.

3. A retro party. Old-fashioned outfits, classic cars, a thoroughly styled hairstyle, and restrained makeup are the features that distinguish the style. If you arrange this type of event, do not forget to hand retro photos on the walls, and make a themed photo zone with black and white photographs of newlyweds and their guests. A black and white party is one of its subtypes. Next year, it will be on top.

4. A Provence style. French Provence is immediately associated with soft purple lavender and wicker interior details. It is one of the most romantic and delicate styles. Light shades and colors are chosen for decoration. A bride can choose any style of wedding dress.

5. Loft-themed celebration. The combination of urban details (such as brick walls, and building frames) with delicate wedding decorations creates a perfect match for the Loft party. This is one of the trendy styles for 2020. Bare walls serve as one of the main decorative elements. If you add lanterns or light bulbs hanging on the walls, you’ll get the ideal photo zone. The style is designed to turn faceless urban buildings into romantic wedding venues.