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Popular destination wedding places

Each couple has a dream wedding. Some sweethearts are fond of nature, others dream of a royal wedding. Some partners want to celebrate the event in their native country, and others prefer arranging a destination wedding. In this article, let’s consider the most popular wedding destinations.

Popular Destination Wedding Places

1. Cuba. The registration ceremony is held by a special registrar in a hotel. You can also have an outside registration on a beach with a beautiful gazebo. The venue has the following benefits: white beaches, an emerald ocean, tropical gardens, waterfalls, pelicans, flamingos. It is possible to organize a wedding in the Orthodox church of Havana. You can arrange the ceremony in local musical traditions, where you’ll dance to the sounds of a passionate salsa and frank burning rumba.

2. Maldives. Although a wedding in the Maldives is more a formality that does not have any official status, it will be true paradise: green islands, fragrant exotic flowers, and the ocean. The celebration can be held on a small uninhabited island, where no one bothers sweethearts to pronounce oaths of allegiance to each other. Newlyweds can take a mini-cruise around the islands of the archipelago as a honeymoon. As a musical accompaniment, you can order national drums. Do not forget about a romantic dinner on the ocean: cooled champagne, exotic fruits, national dishes.

3. Dubai. This wedding will be truly royal. There, you can arrange different types of celebrations. For example, to have a registration on a yacht somewhere on the sea, or organize a desert wedding in Dubai under a tent among endless sands and silence. Such options will allow staying alone with your beloved and enjoy picturesque views. Apart from these options, you can have a ceremony on a sea coast or a royal party in a hotel or restaurant.

4. Las Vegas. This is an option for gambling and adventure-loving newlyweds. It is the perfect and classic case for those who decide to get married quickly and funny. Or maybe even secretly. In the city, there is the easiest marriage registration procedure in the world! The main thing is to take something new, old, blue, borrowed with you – this is a tradition.

When an official part is over, newlyweds are ready to celebrate! They can go down to the casino and bet on the date of their acquaintance or a bride’s favorite number. Remember, newcomers (and even more so, newlyweds) are lucky! Here you can do anything: marry in shorts or a Mickey Mouse costume, ride on a bicycle or a skateboard in a wedding dress, play in a “one-armed bandit” for gift money or drink tequila for friendship. This is the option for crazy couples that want to remember their wedding day forever and have a lot of fun!

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