Affordable bachelorette party ideas

A hen party before marriage is the time to hang out for the last time. Brides choose different locations and venues to arrange their bachelorette parties. Below, let’s consider the most affordable ones:

1. Having a spa day. Girls are fond of taking care of their appearances. Moreover, it is an excellent chance to clean the

Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas

skin before a wedding and get relaxed. Girls will be able to chat and have fun during care procedures. Although some think that the option is quite expensive, renting a spa for the whole day is much more profitable than spending a few hours there.

2. A pajama party. This is one of the classic options. This pastime implies a special dress code. All invitees should be dressed in pajamas. It is possible to spend the party at home or rent a photo studio. There, you can arrange a photoshoot. If you stay at home, just prepare drinks, find a movie, and wait for the night to start celebrating the upcoming event.

3. A glamorous night out. Get dressed as a real star and go to a night club. In this case, high heels, bright makeup, and sexy clothes will be obligatory features of the style.

4. A quest. If your friends are adventure lovers, go to a quest room. It is an excellent opportunity to pump your brain, experience emotions, and spend time with joy. After solving the riddle, you can go home. Be sure that you will have a lot of impressions, about which you can talk the whole evening.

5. Hipsters. You can turn into the heroines of your favorite movie. Discuss outfits and get prepared for a photoshoot. You can choose a stylish girl costume from your wardrobe. Wear a colorful dress with a full skirt and contrasting jewelry. Complete your look with evening makeup and lush styling.

6. A horse ride. Nature lovers can spend the party on the lap of nature. Rent a stable and have a horse ride. Then, you can have a picnic or dinner in a cafe. A dress code will be corresponding: pants, chemises, hats. Lovely photos are also guaranteed.

7. Staying at home. It is the most affordable option. If you do not want to waste extra money on the party, just invite your friends to your place. Cook appetizers, buy hard drinks, find photo albums, and arrange the evening of recalling enjoyable moments spent with your friends. Recall funny stories with your bridesmaids, watch videos, and laugh. The party will be full of joy, sincere emotions, and lovely memories. The event won’t be boring or commonplace, although you do not create something extraordinary.