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Pink wedding theme ideas

With so many styles to choose from for your big day, have a look at the romantic pink wedding theme that can perfectly be what you are looking for. Do you love elegant and tender things? Do you prefer a delicate and gentle light pink for your celebration? Why not blend these elements into a theme that will make your event one of a kind?

Pink Wedding Theme Ideas

Light pink means affection, harmony, and inner peace. What can be better for a wedding? Find out below for wonderful possibilities to bring a romantic touch to your wedding.

If you want to have a white dress, pink detailing such as bridal accessories, purse or sparkling tiara will compliment it perfectly. You can even add to your look with pink shoes while still following the tradition.

As for the bridesmaids you can choose for them pink dresses of a different shade that can also complement a traditional white gown.

However, at your wedding party after the ceremony, you can dress up in your favorite pink tone so you will grab the attention of all the wedding photos.

If you love more modern ideas on your invitation cards, save-the-dates, and other stationery, it’s a good idea to enhance the color to fuchsia pink. It will look chic, and classy. You can also give your guests an idea of what color of gowns to choose for your wedding by adding the color scheme to your invitation.

For those that love a vibrant and upbeat style, you can try to mix the pink colors with others, such as steel grey, bright green, or royal blue.

Everyone nowadays keeps the tradition to prepare some small gifts for your guests so it will remind them of your special day. It will even greater idea if you choose these complementary items that are also in pink color.

Here are some great favors gift ideas: a gift set of bath products, fruit jam or marmalade, beach slippers, candles, etc.

No doubt fresh flowers will bring a wonderful, romantic atmosphere to your wedding decor, especially if you adore all things floral. Lush bunches of pink peonies, light pink roses, and everything in between are an amazing addition to your occasion. As for the bridal bouquet, cascading shape also makes a big comeback. These types of bouquets can add a chic and elegant touch to bohemian and rustic theme weddings.

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