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Affordable wedding car hire

Your wedding day is great in all respects: it is the beginning of a great period in your life, it gives great emotions, and, why hide the truth, it causes great headaches. One of them is the organization of your guests’ transportation. Getting your invitees to the venue is a very stressful matter especially if there are persons who aren’t local to your wedding town or if there is a long haul between the places of your registration, celebration, and accommodation. Here are some ideas on the most optional ways to arrange a safe and relaxed guest journey to and from the wedding venue.

Affordable wedding car hire

Ride-sharing services. Internet technologies are revolutionizing this world and make it very easy to arrange wedding day transportation for your guests, too. One of such technologies is ride-sharing mobile apps like Uber, Lyft, and Gett to name a few. These solutions provide easy-to-use and flexible transportation to your Big day, excluding parking and shuttle worries. These apps have practically the identical principle of work: you download the application (or open them in your browser) and set up your account. Then you create your event (wedding or whatsoever), fill in the required info, specify the budget, and buy a unique code for your guests. This code should be given to your invitees in advance with comprehensive instructions made for your wedding.

On the day of celebration, your crowd can hire a ride in a few seconds using the code you created for the occasion. Ride-sharing applications also allow your guests to rent a car for your wedding, but it makes sense only if they are not going to drink alcohol while partying up.

Bus or shuttle. If there are lots of non-motorists among your kith and folks, or if your wedding venue doesn’t have enough parking, then hiring a party bus or shuttle will be a practical decision. Renting some kind of public transport also makes sense if there are loads of out-of-towners among your invitees, or if the travel time between wedding locations is more than 40 minutes.

Along with being convenient and spacious, such transportation means also allows the passengers to get acquainted and socialize with each other. The only trouble with such wedding logistics (apart from finding a decent transportation company) is informing your wedding crew about the pickup location and time and making sure no one is late or lost.

Limo or trolley car. If wedding scenes are within obvious proximity to each other and most of your guests don’t mind driving or ride-sharing to the destination, you may book a limousine, a mini-bus, or a trolley car to ride exclusively with your spouse, family, and besties. Chances are that 10-20 seats will be pretty enough to accommodate all bridesmaids and groomsmen, which is much less expensive compared to what you would pay for the transportation of all your wedding guests.

These were the very basics of wedding day transportation for your attendees. Surely, there is no one to stop you from involving antique cars, tandem bicycles, vintage trucks, tractors, horse-driven carriages, golf carts, or even a helicopter as the logistics for your big day. The question is: how comfortable will your guest be with your creative imagination? Providing transportation is a kind gesture, but don’t go too far if you want to make sure that everybody is safe and feels good while traveling between wedding locations.

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