How to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Dubai

Do you have a wedding anniversary soon? Don’t you know how to celebrate it? A trip to Dubai can be an excellent option! This is the city where you can find picturesque landscapes, extreme activities, and romantic locations. In other words, everyone will find something that will touch a soul there. Below, let’s see what are the best ideas for spending the wedding anniversary in Dubai.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Downtown Dubai

- Rest on a secluded island. Have you ever wanted to stay alone and escape from the city hustles? Your common holiday is the perfect time to devote time to each other and enjoy spending time together. You can rent a seaplane that will take you to a secluded island. This is a romantic and breathtaking activity at the same time. You will soar above water until you reach your island. This kind of rest will give you a wide range of emotions.

- Hot air balloon ride. Do you want to observe picturesque landscapes from the bird’s eye? Book an air balloon and rise high in the sky at dawn. You will be able to admire the endless sands of the desert, magnificent skyscrapers of the city, and the calm surface of the ocean. You’ll keep these memories forever.

- Helicopter flight. This is a similar option to the previous one. You can observe nature and landscapes when flying in a helicopter. Everyone can choose the most desirable option.

- ATV rally in the desert. For extreme-lovers, the desert offers a wide range of opportunities. Endless sands guarantee you freedom of action. You can blow off steam and ride the vehicle as you wish. This is an activity for daring people.

- Walk-in “The Lost Chambers”. This is the Atlantis Aquarium. Long glass tunnels are located right under the water. You will stroll along tunnels in the deep ocean. You will be able to observe marine life and discover the inhabitants of deep waters.

- Hatta Village. If you’re fond of spending time on the lap of nature, you will love this ethnographic village. There, you can admire breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes. This option is perfect for nature lovers.

- Strolling along with the city. Simple walks through the city also deserve attention. When the sun sets, you can walk through the seashore and observe an admiring sunset, then sit in a cafe and relax. During the daytime, you can visit numerous parks. Miracle Garden is one of the most beautiful ones. Thousands of flowers and floral arrangements are gathered there. The park is decorated with hundreds of floral sculptures. Every corner is the perfect place for taking photos.