Perfect pre-wedding workout plan for the bride

Nowadays, going to a gym or a fitness club is unnecessary to get toned. On the Internet, much online training, sports articles, and fitness tutorials will help you keep fit without leaving your home. Everyone can choose the most suitable option.

Perfect Workout Plan For The Bride

A wedding is an important event in the life of every person. Sweethearts try to look the best way they can as all guests’ attention will be drawn to them. They should look stunning. Thus, it is essential to get toned for the wedding. To keep fit, it is enough to do fitness exercises. Let’s consider what you can do at home:

1. Vacuum. It is a breathing exercise designed to keep your deep abdominal muscles toned. Tilt your body a bit forward and put your arm on your thighs. You should breathe in and fill your lungs with air. Then suddenly, breathe out with a characteristic loud sound so that your lungs are empty, and do not breathe. At that moment, it seems your abdomen is vacuumed to the ribs. Hold your vagina and anus. Keep the position for 10-12 seconds. Then breathe in using your core. An important note: this exercise must be done on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Squats. Bend your knees and squat until your pelvis is parallel to the floor. Do not tear off your heels from the floor. Your torso is slightly titled forward.

3. Plank. It is an effective exercise for almost every muscle of your body. It trains not only your abdominal muscles but also thighs and shoulder muscles. It is a static exercise that helps keep the whole body toned. The main thing you should remember is to hold your abdominal muscles fixed. You should not bend your back and do deflection in the lower back.

4. Push-ups. This exercise will make your arms defined and more robust. There are different types of push-ups. Each class is designed to train other muscles: biceps or triceps. If you want to strengthen your biceps, your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders. If you want to train triceps, your arms should stay close and bend along with your body. In the first case, your elbows are directed to the sides. And in the second case, they are required to the back.

What is important to note is that a warm-up is an obligatory element of your training. No exercise can be done without an introduction. Otherwise, you risk injuring some ligaments, joints, or muscles. Do not harm your body to keep fit and get toned. Everything should be done wisely and correctly.