Ideal outdoor wedding venues in Dubai

Do you dream of an outdoor wedding celebration in a luxurious place? Dubai is the right destination for you in this case. Only high-quality service and picturesque landscapes wait for you there. Let’s make a list of the best outdoor venues in Dubai.

Ideal Outdoor Wedding Venue In Dubai

- Al Maha Desert Resort. It is a secluded location in the heart of the desert. The venue can accommodate the largest banquets. During the daylight, guests can stroll through its territory, swim in a pool, and see wild animals. When the night falls, guests have an opportunity to admire an unforgettable starry sky.

- A party under a tent. If you want to be one and the only among hundreds of kilometres, wedding agencies in Dubai offer the opportunity to arrange the celebration under a tent in the heart of the desert. This is an excellent option for those who want to avoid noisy cities. You’ll be surrounded by natural elements (wind, stars, sands).

- Zabeel Park. This is a park designed in the form of the amphitheater. It is full of greenery and surrounded by lakes. If you want to have the celebration among palm trees, bushes, and other flora, this option deserves your attention.

- Dubai Miracle Garden. It is an amazing park. It is characterized by an abundance of colors. The park is full of different flowers and greenery. All of them are perfectly matched. As a result, they create perfect color arrangements. Each corner of the park is an excellent place or a wedding photoshoot in Dubai.

- A celebration on the seashore. Dubai is situated on the seashore. Thus, if you want to have an unforgettable outdoor party with the most picturesque views, give preference to the banquet on the seashore. You can build a portable terrace to seat guests. The sea will be the background of the registration arch. When the night comes, all guests can admire a picturesque sunset with the last sun rays playing on the water.

- The Els Club Dubai. The place with vast outdoor territories and beautiful landscapes is designed to welcome and accommodate the most luxurious guests. Here, you can observe beautiful nature during daylight. The fountain zone will help you feel cool and fresh even during the hottest day. When the night comes, amazing illumination will impress you.

- A party on the yacht. Access to the sea makes it possible to pronounce wedding vows right on board of the yacht in an open sea. This is one of the best options for romantic couples who want to observe breathtaking views, stay along during this moment, and keep it in memory.