Perfect fall wedding details

Fall weddings have a unique spiritual atmosphere, when it seems that even air is saturated with comfort and peace. Let's find out how to underline the beauty of the chosen time of the year during the wedding.

Perfect fall wedding details

1. An outside celebration. If you dream of a stunning open-air wedding or want to catch the last moment for an outside registration, don't miss sunny September days for a ceremony in an autumn garden or forest.

2. A cozy photo shoot. Autumn is a perfect time of the year for an incredibly cozy wedding photo shoot. Fall shoots are saturated with warmth, comfort, and love. Thus, newlyweds look stunning on photos. Even rain and piercing wind are not a hindrance to touching and emotional wedding photos. Take cover under one umbrella, give each other warm hugs and kisses and be sure to enjoy a special day in your life.

3. An awesome decoration. A fall wedding will become even more refined if the classic color palette – shades of crimson, orange, and golden yellow – is diluted with a noble mustard, attractive burgundy, fabulous emerald, sparkling blue, sweet chocolate or even gothic black. Gentle pastel tones – like dusty blue, ash powder and lilac, which emphasize the depth of the color design, perfectly fit into the autumn wedding. Autumn is the best time to experiment with the texture of the wedding decor. Forget about thin and weightless fabrics and give preference to natural linen, soft velvet, heavy brocade, cozy knitted lace, felt, yarn or wool. Wooden decor details, for example, wooden tabletops for a banquet or a wedding arch assembled from bushes’ branches, will also give a special mood to the wedding celebration.

4. An autumn menu. A wedding menu that is comprised of traditional autumn products will create the necessary atmosphere. It is unlikely that guests will remain indifferent to homemade pumpkin pies, fragrant mulled wine and cocoa, treats from apples and persimmons.

5. Gorgeous newlyweds’ outfits. Not only traditional outfits of a bride and a groom will be appropriate. You can pay attention to a wedding dress of a delicate shade of praline, an unusual olive or saturated berry color. Such a garment will look more graceful and elegant than a traditional snow-white outfit. The bride will look stunning in such dress. The variety of autumn accessories is also huge. It is possible to add wreaths, bands woven into hair, leaves, or berries in order to complete the bride’s image. In addition, it is preferable to choose bright seasonal flowers than traditional roses that look rather commonplace. When choosing the groom’s apparel, focus on its fabric – wool, tweed, velvet or cashmere will look perfect. Add some accessories that match the bride’s dress and the couple will look gorgeous.