Perfect Engagement Party Planning Tips

A wedding is a great celebration. But it is preceded by a whole string of reasons for a celebration. In addition to traditional bachelor and hen parties, you can have an engagement party!

Perfect Engagement Party Planning Tips

It is one more opportunity to celebrate a pleasant event and inform everybody about the upcoming event. Let’s consider how to arrange a perfect engagement party, and what points it is necessary to keep in mind.

1. Time. Choose the right time. It doesn’t mean that you should arrange the party on the same day as your sweetheart proposed to you. No, there is no need to rush; if you have enough time before the wedding itself. According to wedding etiquette, brides can celebrate an engagement party for three months after the engagement.

2. Format. The first thing it is necessary to consider is in what format you want to have a party: will it be a modest family celebration, or do you want to invite a bunch of people and have fun? Will you celebrate separately with relatives and friends, or do you want to unite everybody? Remember that a venue and budget will depend on the number of invitees and the format of the party.

3. Budget. Determine the budget for an engagement party in Dubai. Remember that the wedding is a rather expensive and costly event. Moreover, you’ll have a hen/bachelor party. So, determine how much money you can spend on an engagement party.

4. Guests. Make a guest list. Decide for yourself whom you want to see at a party.

5. Venue. You can choose any location you want. It can be either a cottage or a cafe/restaurant. You can even arrange the party at your own home. It’s up to you and your vision of the celebration. The style and theme of the party also depend on your preferences. Some prefer rustic locations, while others choose luxurious venues.

6. Entertainment. If you plan to invite a lot of guests at your party, it is better to think about the entertainment program in advance. Here are some good options to keep your guests cheerful and entertained.

- Outdoor games

- Live music

- An interesting and unusual show or workshop for guests

- A video clip of your love story

- A photo banner or photo zone

7. Food and beverages. Make sure that there are enough food and drinks for all guests on tables. By the way, you can try some of the dishes from your wedding menu.

Generally, such a party can serve as a rehearsal for your future wedding. You can hire decorators, animators, catering and evaluate their services. Thus, you won’t be nervous on the wedding day, and you’ll be sure that these specialists will make your celebration perfect.