Peony wedding decoration

A wedding is an important event in the life of young people. Everyone wants to make this day solemn and memorable. For loving romantic natures, a delicate wedding in peony color is suitable. In the design of such a wedding, the peony color should be present, as well as many flowers. Peonies are the main detail of the design and decoration of a

Peony Wedding Decor

wedding evening, moreover, they are at the peak of their popularity these days. These flowers represent tenderness, modesty, and natural beauty. Peonies are spring and summer flowers, so a peony wedding most often falls during these seasons. Like any other themed wedding, a peony wedding requires careful preparation and a lot of details. We will try to figure out some of them in this article. A wedding in the color of peonies falls in the month of May and June. The fact is that these delicate flowers bloom during this period. This is probably the cheapest way to make your dream of peonies come true at a wedding because in any other month it will be very expensive to buy them. In the winter months, these flowers are brought to our latitudes from Europe, so they are several times more expensive than our domestic ones. If you decide to organize a peony wedding, then the variety of choices will be a big advantage. These flowers come in a wide variety of shades, so you can choose exactly the one that suits your liking. You can combine different color combinations. For example, roses, tulips, and some other flowers are in perfect harmony with peonies. The image of the bride and groom What girl does not dream of becoming a touching and gentle bride who looks harmonious and graceful in her image? Peonies will help create the image of a bride from fairy tales. An image that takes your breath away and leaves you speechless.

To create an image, you can use any peonies - live or artificial. A wedding peony will look great in any detail, be it a bouquet, a belt, or an arm bracelet. Peonies will go well not only with a traditional white dress. Even if you decide to appear in front of the guests in a bright dress, you can find flowers that match this particular look. The main thing is to give preference to a suitable color. Beige, all shades of pink, lilac, and purple go well with peonies. The bride's hairstyle can also be decorated with fresh flowers. If you look at a photo of a peony wedding, you will notice how harmoniously and beautifully the brides look, whose hair is decorated with peonies.

You can wear a regular floral wreath on your head, or weave a lively adornment beautifully into your hair. Flowers will adorn your hairstyle in any style, whether it is a hairstyle for short hair, medium-length hair, or long luxurious strands. This option can be used with a veil or separately. The most important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, the bride may look like a flower bed. Peonies are delicate flowers, so you need to select all the details of the wedding dress so that they do not differ from the concept of tenderness and chastity of the bride. Try to avoid bright makeup, catchy colors, and unnaturalness. The groom, on the other hand, should not appear in a peony halo. You just need to decorate your outfit with a boutonniere.

The most important thing is that the images of the bride and groom are in harmony with each other at a wedding in the style of peonies. It is important that young people are not allergic to peonies, otherwise, the happy wedding celebration risks being transferred to the hospital ward. A good tradition is a bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere. In this case, the image of the bride and groom should be complemented by such details as a bouquet for the wedding of peonies, as well as a boutonniere for the groom. If the bride decided to observe centuries-old traditions and choose white for her dress, then peonies can be of any shade.

Pink, peach, cream, and beige bouquets look especially good. If the dress is bright, then you should choose those flowers that will look harmonious with the color scheme of the outfit. Florists can put together an arrangement for you that would suit your peony wedding. In addition, they will select a color combination that will last until the end of the evening. Flowers in the bride's bouquet must be fresh and of high quality, otherwise, there is a great risk of ruining the wedding. Any themed wedding requires careful preparation of details that must be in harmony with each other.

In addition to the outfits of the bride and groom, peonies should be present in the decoration of the room, decoration of cars, as well as in many other details, such as Champagne bottles; Ring pads; Glasses of the bride and groom; Compliments for guests. All these details can be made by yourself if you have enough free time, or you can order from professionals who are engaged in the manufacture of details for a wedding. The place where the wedding will take place should be decorated so that it immediately becomes clear: this is a peony chic wedding.

If your room is decorated beautifully, then the photos will be wonderful. In the design, you can use a variety of light fabrics, flowers, vases, and other little things. Looks good when the wedding takes place outdoors with a floral arch. If you nevertheless decorate the hall with flowers, then it is better not to rush and start decorating in a day, otherwise, the flowers may wither and not have a sufficiently fresh look. You can decorate each seat with a flower, place vases in the center of the table, and give guests gifts with peonies.

In addition to the general decoration of a wedding with peonies, lace, candles, incense sticks, and flowing fabrics, handcrafted paperwork can be used. We talked about what you can use. However, there is a category of things that are best avoided at a peony wedding: Since these flowers are quite delicate, it is better not to use details of bright saturated colors. Balloons can look pretty ridiculous. Peonies are light flowers. And helium balloons can create a heavy atmosphere. Feathers. Many other colors.

The peony should be the main wedding theme, so it is inappropriate to use many other flowers and plants because the peony can get lost. Decorating a peony wedding should not overload the interior. Shiny fabrics and other glossy details. All this does not look so gentle, it departs from the general style of the wedding, and draws attention to itself.

The modern scrapbooking technique allows you to make very beautiful and delicate invitations. With this technique, you can make exactly the invitations you want.

You can ask yourself how to make the details, or you can order invitations and seating cards according to your wishes. Do not use fresh flowers, they may deteriorate. It is better to purchase artificial flowers for a wedding - peonies, and it is them that you use in the design of small details. Any wedding ends with a wedding cake. It can be designed as your heart desires. First, order a small trial that you can eat at your bachelorette party.

The cake can be ordered at any pastry shop. The taste of the cake can be absolutely any: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or any other flavor. It is important that it is in the style of the wedding. You can make a cake with peonies made from mastic. If you decide to organize a peony wedding, then this will undoubtedly be a good start to your happy life together.

Beautiful design and outfits will provide beautiful photographs, and with them memories of a lifetime and the opportunity to show your children and grandchildren the story of your love.