Most common triggers for overeating

Why do we eat? Do we exist to eat, or do we eat to exist? Food gives energy to our bodies and nourishes it. We should eat to support the physiological processes occurring in our bodies. However, sometimes, people are so food-addicted that it becomes a real problem.

Most Common Triggers For Overeating

Overweight is one of the most popular diseases of the 21st century. In some cases, the reasons for over-eating are not physical but also psychological. Now, let’s consider the top triggers for over-eating.

1. Feeling upset or disappointed. This is the main reason for over-eating. It is a common fact that a human tends to eat more food while being under stress. Generally, negative emotions, an upset or deprived mood, or stress frequently cause over-eating. When experiencing too hurtful feelings, a person starts eating automatically. Thus, a long-lasting depression can not only cause a bad mood but also significantly harm your body.

2. Feeling excited. Vice versa, when being too excited, some people also tend to eat more than their organisms need.

3. Boredom. Have you noticed that you eat more when spend a whole day at home and doing nothing? It is a proven fact that a free person, who has nothing to do, eats more. When you’re engaged in a particular activity and are interested in a process, then you do not think about food. When you just sit at home, you tend to consume more food.

4. Dissatisfaction with your body. All people are divided into two groups. Those who work hard in a gym/fitness club to make their figures better. The other group comprises those who constantly complain about imperfect bodies. However, at the same time, they continue doing nothing. The second group tends to be disappointed with its appearance. However, they overeat due to this fact. As a result, instead of developing their willpower and bodies, they just sit, complain, and become even worse.

5. Wrong gastronomic habits. If you frequently eat fast food or food that lacks nutrients and micro elements, then you may become overweight. Such food contains too many chemical additives that stimulate addiction.

6. Lack of energy. If you feel exhausted, usually, you want to grab a bite. It’s natural as your body needs more nutrients to generate energy for supporting its physical activity. In this case, you need to choose the right healthy food. Otherwise, you can consume too many calories, which will lead to overweight.

7. Lack of care and love. Everyone wants to hear some words of appreciation, support, and love. If there is no one who is ready to express feelings and take care of you, then over-eating is the only way to cope with emotions.