Burnt orange wedding decoration

If you dream of an original and bright wedding, then a juicy orange color is what you need. It is associated with holidays, sun, joy, energy, and a perky mood. If it seems to you that orange is too provocative, you can consider less saturated, but no less spectacular shades - peach or apricot. Orange is the most suitable color for the celebration

Burnt Orange Wedding Decorations

planned for the autumn time. During this period, even nature, dressed in bright red and yellow clothes, will perfectly play along with the image.

An autumn wedding photo session is especially beautiful, in addition, it can be diversified with various props (bouquets of yellow leaves, bright umbrellas, or oranges). It will not be difficult for an experienced photographer to create original and unique images. In the decoration of the hall, you can also use the autumn theme: compositions of bright leaves with berries and fruits, wreaths, etc. An orange-tangerine wedding can be an interesting option.

In the east, orange is considered a symbol of happiness, and brides dressing in an outfit of this color are sure of a long and happy married life. Spanish brides love this color too, as it symbolizes health and youth. Not every bride will dare to create the image of fiery beauty. But you can put on a snow-white wedding dress and complement it with orange accessories. It can be a belt, shoes, fishnet gloves, or lace trim, in addition, a very interesting solution is to decorate a wedding dress with orange flowers sewn along the hem or in the neckline.

And you can complete the image with the help of jewelry and a hairstyle, in which flowers of orange shades will be used. For a celebration in the winter, you can pick up a fur coat or cape. A manicure of this color will look original only if there is not too much of it in the image. But you should not use these tones in makeup. In clothes If the bride uses orange in her outfit, then, of course, the groom also needs to think over what accessories to use to match the red-haired beauty. This can be an orange shirt, tie, or pocket square. The suit should be chosen in beige or brown.

For brave young people, suspenders or socks of the appropriate color are quite suitable. It is desirable that the shoes also match the suit: beige or brown shoes. The guests will be amazed, and there is no need to doubt the success of the photo session. Of course, guests should be warned in advance that you have an orange wedding, this can be announced in the invitation. It is very good if the guests support you and everyone in the outfit will have elements of this color. It doesn't matter what it will be - a scarf, a ribbon, a shirt, a handbag, perhaps a necklace or a bracelet. Bridesmaids dressed in orange dresses will look very impressive.

If the bride dares to wear a rich orange dress, then the bridesmaids should use outfits in lighter shades. Bouquet Any flowers will look great in the bride's bouquet: chrysanthemums, lilies, roses in combination with bright maple or chestnut leaves, and, for example, rowan berries. You can fasten the bouquet with a bright ribbon. It will be unusual to use it in a bouquet of paper or fabric flowers, but I must say that very few people will choose this option for their celebration.

You can have an orange wedding anywhere, as long as the young people like this place. You can choose an autumn park, or open terraces, and if the weather conditions do not allow the celebration of the celebration in the open air, then any restaurant or suburban complex is quite suitable for this. In the design of the hall, you can use a combination of light colors with orange splashes. It is recommended to use flying thin fabrics of orange shades, balls of various colors, and Chinese lanterns. By itself, this color creates the illusion of sunlight. On the table there should be orange fruits and various flower arrangements; Satin ribbons can be used to decorate wine glasses, and orange napkins will perfectly complement the picture. You can especially diversify the sweet table with all kinds of bright sweets, muffins, jellies, and, of course, a cake decorated in orange tones. Fresh (orange or peach) is perfect as drinks.

The cards for the seating of the invitees are made in the form of white plates, and the text is written in orange or a color similar to it in shades. You can make tablets in the form of a mandarin or a maple leaf. In addition to the design, it is worth including in the program - contests using orange props (for example, arranging a competition for peeling oranges, or a relay race with the transfer of an orange or tangerine). Guests will be delighted with bonbonnieres filled with sweets of bright colors, magnets with photos of the newlyweds, etc.

Wedding invitations can be made in a very original way: cards in the form of an orange slice, mandarin, or maple leaf, using beads, beads, ribbons, or sequins. And how cool and festive the wedding procession will look: a string of cars decorated with orange and white ribbons, balls, and flowers! Orange wedding is truly the leader in originality. This style is preferred by cheerful and adventurous people. It is believed that such a wedding will certainly bring happiness, joy, and love to a young couple.