Old fashioned wedding traditions

It’s natural that over time, traditions have changed and wedding fashion has also undergone certain changes. Some traditions that were obligatory for our grandparents are nowadays considered funny and old-fashioned or have been modified. The youth have a new vision at the wedding celebration.

Old Fashioned Wedding Traditions

Nevertheless, it is interesting to learn some old-fashioned traditions that newlyweds used to follow. Who knows, maybe, you’ll like one of them and decide to use it during your festive day.

1. Weddings were held on weekdays only. People believed that each day of the week had a certain meaning. According to this classification, weekends were considered unlucky days, while each weekday had a positive meaning. For example, health is for Tuesday, wealth is for Monday. Thus, depending on the most important option for a couple, they assigned the wedding for a particular day.

2. Wedding veils were worn only by pure girls. Not every bride had a chance to wear a wedding veil. Only young and pure ladies could put it on. Aged women or widows chose other stylish accessories such as small hats.

3. “Something old, something new, and something borrowed”. There is a belief that a bride should have something old, something new, and something borrowed so that she has luck in life. Even today brides tend to use this tradition. Although it has been modified. Not everyone knows that “something borrowed” meant the pants of a married woman. It was considered that this wardrobe item increases the fertility of a bride.

4. Religious marriage was more important than a civil one. Although nowadays civil and religious marriages are equal, and every couple decides what is more important for them. Earlier, the main part of the celebration was a marriage in a church to the sound of bells.

5. A bride’s father was the one who sponsored the wedding. Nowadays, quite frequently newlyweds arrange and pay for the greater part of the wedding from their own pocket. Earlier, it was a bride’s father who paid for everything during the wedding and its planning.

6. Newlyweds ate the wedding cake when the first child was born. When it’s time to cut the wedding cake, newlyweds take its upper layer. Today, it doesn’t matter when you eat it. Earlier, this part of the cake was stored until the first baby was born in a young family.

7. A couple was showered with rice. Although nowadays, rose petals are used, before now it was appropriate to shower newlyweds with rice only. No other cereals or elements were allowed.

8. A bride’s bouquet served not as decoration but as a deodorant. Today, brides choose beautiful floral arrangements that perfectly match their outfits and create fabulous images. Long before, brides started using bouquets in order to mask a bad smell. As we know they are washed just several times per life.