New Year's Eve wedding ideas

If you decided to be creative and arrange your wedding on New Year’s Eve, be ready to consider and prepare all decorative elements to make your celebration truly fairy. If your wedding is scheduled for New Year’s Eve, you should combine two holidays in one and take the best from both holidays to develop an unforgettable celebration.

New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas

1. A trio of horses instead of traditional limos. A wedding trio of horses will be a real highlight of your wedding. One can hardly imagine a picture of how your cheerful “cortege” with bells rushes along the snowy streets!

2. Dress your toastmaster as the Santa Clause or the Snow Maiden. A skilled toastmaster will be able to combine the celebration of the wedding and the New Year so harmoniously that the celebration will be remembered by you and your guests for many more years.

3. Have a real carnival! You can even create a dress code or give Santa’s masks and hats to guests. Do not forget about the direct participation of the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, and other New Year characters.

4. Ice sculptures. They will be the perfect decoration for your celebration.

5. Winter competitions. It is possible to make guests recall their childhood and play traditional winter games, such as snowball games. Snowballs can be made either of snow or of cotton wool (artificial). In any case, such amazing competitions will cheer up your guests, make them feel happy, and won’t get bored.

6. Sparklers. Sparklers are traditional New Year’s attributes. In the context of your wedding, they can be used a bit differently. A toastmaster can give them to your guests so that they light sparkle while the first newlyweds dance.

7. A festive Christmas tree. Of course, a Christmas tree will be the main symbol of such a celebration. The main thing here is to choose appropriate Christmas tree decorations that will match a common celebration style.

8. Honeymoon in warm countries. Plan your honeymoon in a warm country; thereby, you will make a great contrast. You can consider UAE that is a perfect honeymoon destination.

9. New Year’s wedding photoshoot. In snow-covered fields or forests, an ice rink will be an excellent location for a winter wedding photoshoot. You can draw a heart or write your initials on the snow. Winter opens great opportunities for fairy and warm photos. Just develop your imagination and create unforgettable photos full of love, warmth, and purity!

The wedding celebration on New Year's Eve will be the most striking and memorable event in your life. The atmosphere of a magical winter fairy tale and a premonition of a miracle is ideal for creating a new happy and strong family. And the toast “Happy New Year, with new happiness!” will sound with a special sense for loving newlyweds who enter a new page of their lives.