The most romantic restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its luxurious restaurants. A royal atmosphere, live music, and gorgeous interior make the perfect match for romantic dinners. Below, let’s see what catering establishments will be the perfect destination for a romantic dinner.

The Most Romantic Restaurants In Dubai

1. Pierchic. Pierchic Restaurant at Madinat Jumeirah is deservedly considered one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. Located on an old wooden pier and washed by the sea, the restaurant offers its guests dining on an outdoor terrace overlooking the endless water surface and the resplendent Burj Al Arab. The sea-inspired interior of the venue with its huge chandeliers reminiscent of jellyfish, dark wood furnishings and blue reflections of light on the walls perfectly matches both Pierchic’s location and its excellent fish menu in every detail. Its cuisine is focused on seasonal products, so the menu changes regularly. This is an ideal venue to spend several hours together admiring a setting sun and its shines blinking on the water surface.

2. At.Mosphere. This is a famous restaurant located on the 122nd floor of the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. This restaurant was added to the list of the Guinness World Record for the highest dining experience. A breathtaking view of the city opens to visitors; it will not leave anyone indifferent.. At.Mosphere is a place that will appeal to lovers of elegant interiors and gourmet cuisine. This is a good alternative to tourist viewing platforms. Instead of a crowd of people around, you can enjoy the tranquility and pleasant atmosphere of the venue, tasting delicious dishes from world-famous brand chefs. This is the perfect time to spend time together.

3. Al Qasr Beach Dinner. Have you ever dreamed of dining on the beach on the shores of the Arabian Gulf? Moreover, with a splendid view of the luxury Burj Al Arab hotel! The restaurant located on Al Qasr Beach will give you that opportunity. You and your couple will sit at the table tasting delicious delicacies, listening to the sound of waves, and admiring picturesque views. Unforgettable emotions and a romantic atmosphere are guaranteed. Here are TOP-3 best restaurants for couples to spend time together. However, there is a great diversity of other venues with delicious food and beautiful views of Dubai. Almost all are located in the tourist areas and in the city centre, so getting to them won’ cause problems or difficulties.