Most Popular First Dance Song Ideas

The first dance of newlyweds is a beautiful and important wedding tradition. Someone does not pay particular attention to choosing music and even trusts a toastmaster or a DJ in this process. However, some couples treat this procedure seriously. They spend several evenings to find the right track for the first dance.

Most Popular First Dance Song Ideas

It is necessary to choose your preferred music for the first dance in advance as partners should have enough time to learn movements and the dance itself. Usually, this process takes several months. So, do not shelter this question.

What music to choose for the first dance? This issue is not easy to solve. It’s good if your couple has a track with which both of you have the most pleasant memories and which will fit in the format of the wedding reception. In another case, you need a free evening to find the right song.

Nowadays, there are several popular options for this dance:

1. Romantic melodies. These are traditional options. A slow track that demonstrates your feelings and emotions will be perfect for starting a dance evening. These melodies are touching and are able to cause tears. It is most likely that your grandparents or parents won’t be able to keep their tears. The first dance is one of the most touching moments at a wedding.

Close To You - The Carpenters

From This Moment On - Shania Twain & Bryan White

2. Waltz. Usually, the bride and groom dance the waltz after the registration. But if you have an outside registration or want to show your respect for traditions, you can learn a classic waltz. It is guaranteed that you’ll impress your guests and look stunning. Waltz is admirable. Even those people, who do not like dancing, are fond of this classic dance.

Ces Diamants La (Notre-Dame de Paris) - Julie Zenatti & Patrick Fiori

Only Hope - Mandy Moore

3. A quick dance. If you do not want to be banal, you can make a quick dance. Rhythmic movements will shack up attendees and be unexpected. The following melodies are one of the most popular ones:

Umbrella (Rihanna cover) - The Baseballs

Its a Beautiful Day - Tim McMorris

Most frequently, nowadays, newlyweds make mixes of a romantic slow melody and a rhythmic quick track.

A wedding dance is a melody that shows the feelings of two lovers. Thus, the main thing is to feel and like the chosen music. Your dance is the reflection of your emotions and love. And remember, there is no need to learn difficult movements if you’re not a professional dancer. It is better to learn a simpler dance but express your emotions and look natural.