Most important wedding etiquette rules

Etiquette is a set of moral norms prescribed for each part of our lives. Thus, an intelligent person knows how to behave in a particular life situation due to these norms. There is wedding etiquette that prescribes the main rules of behavior at a wedding.

Most Important Wedding Etiquette Rules

1. Clothes. This is a vast section that states that no woman except a bride can put on white clothes. If a bride has a wedding dress of a different color, then female guests should avoid this very color. This rule does not concern bridesmaids if a bride chooses their outfits herself. Black dresses are forbidden. Women should avoid the black color for their wedding outfits.

It is possible to choose any style and length of a dress. But remember that everything should be within moral norms. Too short, mini garment or attire with too deep a necklace will look vulgar.

Men do not have to bother about this matter. They put on a classic black suit if it is a formal classic wedding. A tie or a bow tie is optional.

This rule relates to standard weddings. If your celebration has a special dress code, then it is necessary to inform your guests about it.

2. Registration. If a couple has a standard registration procedure, then a bridesmaid and a best man should hold flowers while guests congratulate newlyweds and present bouquets.

If it is an outside registration, there are two possible options:

- A groom can wait for a bride next to the wedding arch, and a bride’s father accompanies his daughter to the arch.

- One more possible way is when a groom and a bride go to the altar together.

3. Guests seating. When planning a guest seating chart, it is necessary to keep in mind relations between people.

4. Toasts delivering. The bride’s parents are the first ones who pronounce toasts. Then, comes the turn of the groom’s parents.

There are forbidden topics. It is not advisable to talk about some physical disorders, health, and previous relations while delivering toasts.

5. Gifts. Although everyone is free to present anything he/she wants, still, wedding etiquette states that your gift should cost no less than 100 euros.

6. Smartphones. According to wedding etiquette, it is necessary to turn off the sound of your device. If your smartphone rings during a registration procedure or while giving toasts, it will be a bad sign.

7. Memorable items. Newlyweds should think about tiny gifts for each guest, which will serve as a memory of the event.

One more thing newlyweds should do before the celebration is over is to express words of gratitude to their parents for their lives and the event.