Most common wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes when preparing for a wedding, or how not to do it:

- Lack of a preparation plan. You can keep everything in mind, the main points are already clear. Perhaps not a single bride and groom went to the registry office without having thought out their outfit in advance, the place of the celebration (and whether there will be it in general), and the rest of the items of the wedding day program.

Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

But this day is already exciting enough, why create extra reasons for concern for yourself? A simple check sheet on paper or on a computer will eliminate the need to frantically recall whether everything is ready, and will keep nerve cells young if there are checkmarks in it on all points. And in the process of preparation, it will allow you to visually assess the situation, and evenly distribute resources.

- Constant conversations with the groom about the wedding. Even if a young man has nothing against it and participates in the preparations for the wedding himself, you should not talk about only one thing every day, and it will certainly be superfluous to consult for the fiftieth time about which wedding invitations to choose. The most optimal thing would be to prepare questions for discussion and approval in advance and choose the time to solve them at once. And the freed-up time can be spent doing more pleasant things – going to the cinema, taking a walk in the park, for example.

- Confidence in the ability to lose weight by the big day. Buying a wedding dress, you may find that it is the one that has firmly settled in your dreams that does not have the right size, but only has less. No need to flatter yourself with illusions that you will be able to lose weight in the remaining time. The best solution would be to buy a dress exactly the size that fits the figure now. There will be many more problems before the wedding day – a great reason to free yourself from at least one.

- The desire to do everything perfectly. It often happens that the perfect picture of a wedding begins to crumble piece by piece when the printed invitations have the wrong pattern, and flowers instead of berries in the boutonniere, although everything was clearly stipulated. And there is no time for rework, and the budget is shaking. In most cases, except for the young, no one knows about all these inaccuracies and does not notice. In a few years, or even a year of a happy marriage, it will be so unimportant that it will be forgotten, or memories will only be with a smile.

- Reassessment of one's own strength. Yes, the details of the decoration of the hall, the attributes of the style, made by yourself, will make the wedding unique and inimitable, but it is enough to choose for yourself what you really want to do, which will bring pleasure, and no sleepless nights and bags under your eyes. The rest can be delegated to friends or just buy.