Things to do on your anniversary

Anniversary is an excellent date when you can recall a pleasant event that happened the same day several years before. When we talk about the wedding anniversary, this is a holiday for two. There are plenty of ideas on what to do on this day, but the main thing is to follow your preferences and personalities. Choose those ways you like, which are close to your state of the soul.

Things To Do On Your Anniversary

1. Escape from everybody and spend the day next to each other. You can either stay at home throughout the whole day or have a trip to another city. If you’re fond of hiking and camping, you can go on a one-day hike, enjoy staying together on the lap of nature and observing picturesque views and a beautiful sunset.

2. Go on a trip and travel. If you have only one day, you can take two tickets to a place you dream to visit. For example, beach venue is the best place to spend your wedding anniversary in Dubai. Take only two glasses and a bottle of champagne with you, and on the road! Still, if you have other preferences, you can go to any place that both of you want to visit.

3. Cook together. Stay at home and cook something delicious together. Then turn on a movie, and eat your dishes while watching it.

4. Try something new that you have dreamed of. For example, attend a pair dance class, ride a horse, or swim with dolphins. Choose a pastime that suits both of you. The main thing is to find a golden middle so that both partners enjoy a common activity.

5. Buy a board game for couples. These are special games for playing in the bedroom. Devote an anniversary evening to such a game.

6. Have dinner on the roof of a high building. If you know where open roofs are in your city, then you can surprise your beloved and arrange a romantic dinner.

7. Indulge in memories. Look through your videos, photos, recall funny stories, or moments from life.

8. Recall your first date and recreate it. Arrange the date in the same place, wear the same clothes (if it is possible).

9. Make a spa day. You can either go to a spa salon or make a so-called DIY version.

10. Make a spontaneous trip. Point one place on the map or go to a railway station/airport and buy two tickets for the following train/flight. Let your fate decide for yourselves where you go.

11. Make a party and invite all your friends. Let everybody recall the event with you and celebrate it once again.

12. Prepare gifts in advance according to the type of your anniversary. For example, a chintz gift for a one-year anniversary, and a tin gift for an 8-year celebration.