Masquerade wedding theme ideas

Every girl wants to feel herself a princess at her own wedding. With a masquerade ball, you can feel yourself a charming princess that came to a fairytale. It becomes a recent trend so you can use it for your sophisticated wedding celebration.

Masquerade Wedding Theme Ideas

These kinds of weddings symbolize mystery, elegance, and dignity. There are plenty of ideas on how to include masquerade in your wedding whether it takes place outdoors or indoors.

The number one element that for sure should have everyone at your wedding is the mask. There are a lot of options to choose from.

To add a glamourous touch to it choose from the options that are decorated with sparkles, feathers, crystal, and pearls.

If you like to be adventurous, host a masquerade wedding where everyone can remove their masks only at the end. It will be a total surprise!

A masquerade ball is all about mystery and passion. So you pick the decoration that consist red, deep burgundy, and mauve colors. It’s also a good idea to mix it with black, grey, and gold decorations.

Everything has to shine and spark from the tableware cloth to the invitations and of course to your bridal dress.

Candles can create an atmosphere, unlike any other light. It’s not necessary to use real candles, you can also opt for LED flames that will be a perfect addition to a dinner table.

For the flowers, look for a moody color if they appeal to you. You can combine elements like artificial peacock feathers, lace, and shiny crystals in arrangements. Design with gold and silver glitter details, pearls, and jewels. Greenery can add vibrance to any wedding whether it’s in the daylight or evening. You can decorate with it the seats, the table, the ceiling.. anywhere and everywhere.

You should also keep in mind that table setting has a big role in the decor. If you want to stand out, choose black and red colors with a golden color centerpiece.

To bring your wedding ball to life, you need to add some music that reflects the style. You can hire a violin band or a deejay and that will play a waltz that smoothly turns into techno or hip hop.

Cakes for this type of wedding come can be different and it depends only on your wishes. White, tiered cakes with polka dot design, cakes decorated with masks and feathers are all wonderful options. Be sure to use the colors that you styled your wedding, for example, deep purple, gold, silver eatable decor in the frosting or icing.