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Marsala wedding color ideas

Marsala is a warm color that is perfect for an autumn wedding with its crimson colors. With the help of this color, you can organize a truly luxurious wedding with a noble and cozy atmosphere.

The color of marsala is an unobtrusive shade that attracts with its warmth. It is a modern symbol of wealth and luxury,

Marsala Wedding Color Ideas

sophistication, and chic.

Wedding decoration in marsala color

When making a wedding, it is better to combine the color of marsala with other shades so that the wedding does not turn out too dark. To reveal the color in all its beauty, combine it with bright red, white, pink, burgundy, or green.

Flower arrangements placed on tables, as well as tablecloths and all kinds of decorative details: candlesticks, napkins, vases, etc., look beautiful in this shade. By correctly placing accents in the wedding hall with the help of accessories in the color marsala, you will be able to achieve impeccable decor that will delight and amaze you.

Wedding dresses for a wedding in marsala color

If you prefer a classic white dress, then you can complement it with shoes and accessories in marsala color: a belt, a brooch, etc. Snow-white dresses with rich inserts in marsala color or a bodice decorated with red-wine patterns look beautiful.

A bolder and brighter option is a dress in marsala color, which will allow you to fully plunge into the amazing atmosphere of this stunning shade. This wedding outfit will look most harmonious in autumn or winter.

For the groom, you can choose a suit in wine-red design, which will beautifully contrast with the white dress of the bride and at the same time harmonize with her accessories. If the bride decides to wear a dress in marsala color for the wedding, then it is better for the groom to pay attention to the costumes of classic colors, which can be complemented with spectacular accessories: a tie or a bow tie, a boutonniere, etc. In addition, you can give preference to a jacket in the color marsala and dark trousers. The groom in this outfit will look stylish and fashionable!

Wedding dresses for a wedding in marsala color

Ask guests to adhere to the color dress code. For example, you can offer bridesmaids to wear identical outfits that will effectively emphasize the color scheme of the wedding and highlight the snow-white bride's dress. Other guests can complement their image with red wine accessories.

For the bride's bouquet, you should choose red-brown flowers: calla lilies, roses, dahlias, tulips, etc. Wine-red berries will help to place fervent accents, and white and pink inflorescences will make the bouquet more romantic and delicate. Do not forget about the leg of the bouquet, on which you can tie a rich satin ribbon in the color of marsala.

Pay attention to accessories and little things: invitations, banquet cards, table numbers, etc.

Organize a candy bar with sweet treats and a cake in the color of marsala, which will perfectly fit into the style of the wedding. You can also give preference to a cake in a classic style and decorate it with a variety of fruits of juicy wine-red shades, which nature gives us so generously in summer and autumn.

Using the color of marsala as a base, complement it with either warm tones (beige, orange, yellow, or coral) or cool shades (blue or light blue). Beautiful combinations are also obtained by mixing marsala with white, pink, gold, and green. Being a deep and complex color, marsala changes its appearance beyond recognition in the presence of other shades, which can be successfully used in wedding decor.

Make your wedding celebration bright and unforgettable by adding a noble and luxurious marsala color to it.

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