Marriage preparation tips for bride

The most beautiful thing at a wedding is the bride herself, and of course, her appearance. The stylist and the bride will not have an easy task, together they will choose the style that will not only suit her but also satisfy the bride herself. In practice, the bride herself sets this style when choosing a dress, and already knows what she wants, the stylist only gives her recommendations and helps in choosing.

Marriage Preparation Tips For Bride: Useful Tips

Therefore, it is advisable to make a trial version-a probe. It is already necessary to have: a veil. if it is available. Hair strands are often used in hairstyles if there is such an idea. They can be both artificial and natural. Economy class- artificial with a curl, approximate length 45 cm, they can be curled on a curling iron and are subject to paint. It is also necessary to have them on the probe. And, of course, the wedding hairstyle should be decorated. It is very popular to decorate with fresh flowers, small sizes, they are ordered in the same place as the wedding bouquet, the florist will prepare them beforehand so that on the wedding day, their appearance remains unchanged for the whole day (8-10 pcs).

The bride should know that the trial version is slightly different, in terms of strength and cleanliness of the hairstyle, the main task is to choose the shape, and hairstyle style. The only request to the bride is to prepare her hair and wash and dry her hair on the eve or on the wedding day. When the hairstyle has been decided, the next stage comes - wedding makeup. Makeup, as well as hairstyle, should remain unchanged and fresh throughout the holiday, so it is done with professional cosmetics, which is slightly different from your everyday. If you want to tan in the solarium, you need to complete the procedures 3-5 days before the wedding. Deep peels and cleanses should be carried out no later than 3 weeks before the wedding celebration because traces of deep exposure take a long time. Also, on the eve of the celebration, you need to get a good night's sleep. Well, that's all, it remains only to put on a wedding dress and to the registry office! A wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life and for a girl the dream of her childhood. Therefore, the girl wants to look one hundred percent. What is needed for this? Yes, it's very simple:

1. we stop worrying (freaking out, stomping our feet, beating our future husband, etc.);

2. determine the budget for the image of the bride (70-80% of it will be spent on a dress, shoes, and jewelry);

3. define an image for yourself (dress, hairstyle, makeup). At this point, it should be borne in mind that the wedding image you choose will not be the final decision, it all depends on the stylist.

4. choose (from a huge variety) a wedding stylist. The criteria, I think, are clear; this is the price and the work, experience, reviews, and advice from friends. A wedding stylist is your personal artist who will draw, and create a magnificent flower for you, which will undoubtedly decorate the whole holiday. After all, it is no secret to anyone that the bride is the center of the whole celebration. You can start communicating with a stylist in different ways: a telephone conversation, or by writing to a social network. networks, etc. The stylist needs to show the wedding image that you think suits you. The stylish, of course, will look, appreciate, so to speak, he will hear you, but he will still do it his own way (he is the stylist for that). There is no need to be afraid of this, a really good specialist understands the image better. Judge for yourself, you get married, the first, second, well, at most the third time, and a person does it all the time, and the cards are in his hands. To calm your soul, you can make a "probe", you will get acquainted with the stylist, talk, he will make sketches: hairstyle, makeup, give advice on how best, and what is better. For a trial creation of the image, you do not need to drag everything that you will be wearing on the day of the celebration, you only need a veil (if there is one), and jewelry for the head. That's all, you have fully prepared yourself for the main day.