Luxury affordable handmade wedding gifts

Money is traditionally considered as a classic wedding gift. Those invitees, who do not want to addle their brain, prefer this gift. But those ones, who want to develop their imagination, present an unforgettable gift, and impress newlyweds, can create unique handmade items that will surely surprise all guests.

Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade is of great popularity nowadays. First of all, it is attention. A person spends a few hours, days, or even months on the creation of such gifts. All this time, he/she thinks about a bride and a groom. Thus, a handmade gift is always associated with attention and care. Secondly, you can be sure that your gift is unique, and no one else will have the same.

As you know, every person to his own taste, but there are a number of interesting ideas for handmade wedding gifts that are considered classic. Either friends or relatives can choose them. If you give preference to one of the following ideas, be sure that newlyweds will remember your gift for years.

- Souvenirs or clothes for both beloved – these can be hand-painted figurines, dishes with inscriptions, or pillows with embroidered names of a young husband and wife;

- Home furnishings – for example, a wooden kitchen board with a scorched wish for long and happy life, caskets, photo frames, paintings, small electronic appliances;

- Souvenirs with photos of young beloved – a family portrait, a stylishly designed photo collage;

- Money – if it is presented not in the envelope, but in the form of a cake, box of chocolates or topiary;

- A handmade photo album. Examples of handmade albums decorated with ribbons, bands, and beads can be found on the Internet. This will be the best option as two people start a new life, they will have a lot of wedding photos, and you present them an album in which they can put them. Photos are the perfect memory. Moreover, if they are put into a presented album, then newlyweds will remember you every time they open the album.

- A handmade money tree. You can find a step-by-step guide on the Internet. This gift will either be symbolic or serve as an excellent interior decoration.

Remember that the main value of handmade gifts is attention to those for whom the gift is made. Moreover, such things are incredibly popular nowadays. Handmade items are perfect elements for home interiors.

Handmade things can be additional elements of the main gift. If you’re not sure that your gift is valuable enough, you can combine several ideas. For example, present money in a handmade casket, or pack two cute pillows with handmade embroidery with a handmade photo album. Develop your imagination, and it will suggest the right combination to you!