Little mermaid wedding theme

Most girls would like to have their wedding in the style of Disney cartoons, which usually ends with a perfect wedding. I must say that in our time, organizing an event in the style of the cartoon "The Little Mermaid" is far from uncommon. Beautiful Ariel is one of the most romantic and beloved images. The fiery curls of the restless Ariel, which flutter in the

Little Mermaid Wedding Theme

wind, fascinate with their beauty. She follows the impulse of her heart and longs for the prince, even if she can never see her family. This is a gripping and dramatic love story. The ideal location for such a wedding is the seaside.

Ideas for decorating an event can be safely used from the design of a wedding in a nautical style while complementing the script with nuances and details taken from the plot of the cartoon. For example, wedding table numbers or seating plans can be decorated with images of Prince and Princess Ariel. Participants (not only newlyweds but also invited guests) of the celebration should think over their outfits in accordance with the script of the famous cartoon.

The key figures of the event, of course, will be the newlyweds: the bride is Princess Ariel, and the groom is Prince Eric. There can be no trifles in the design of a wedding; everything must be taken into account, down to the smallest detail. Only in this way are complete reincarnation and the feeling of being in the fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" possible. To create a wedding look for the bride, the ideal choice of dress is a spectacular "fish" cut with a magnificent train. This model emphasizes the ideal figure of the newlywed.

You can decorate the outfit with handmade lace and decorations corresponding to the marine theme. The hall should be designed in the form of an underwater world, where sea inhabitants are present: fish, crabs, and a lot of corals. You can use pictures of a marine theme, and among children, for example, arrange a competition for the best drawing of characters from a fairy tale. The wedding table also requires a special setting. The cake sketch should also be carefully thought out so that it fits into the theme of the holiday.

The scene where the groom proposes can be represented in such a way that the prince (groom) gives Ariel (the bride) a pearl ring, which is placed in a shell (original box). In order to bring magic and fun to the script, you should consider how to represent the image of an evil fairy witch. We remember from a fairy tale that this is not the most positive character. However, this image can be presented as one of the most attractive and striking. This character can diversify and decorate the wedding scenario with a song or dance.

The plot of the holiday should involve different characters - both good and bad.

As a rule, many guests come to a wedding with children, why not use them in the script? They can perform the dance of little mermaids, and they will do it with great pleasure, because being in a real fairy tale is so interesting and unusual, especially for children. Bridesmaids, in the form of mermaids, are the perfect accompaniment to a new life.

And what a bright and beautiful wedding photo session can be! The Little Mermaid Princess Bride is cool! An interesting option for photography will be a scene from a fairy tale, where the bride and groom in the form of fairy tale characters are sailing on a boat. For guests, you can arrange a photo zone with the image of the domain of Neptune (the house of Ariel). If not the wedding itself, then at least a bachelorette party in front of it can be held in the style of Ariel. The girls will definitely appreciate such an interesting move and will gladly take part in the script. Such a wedding will not leave indifferent anyone around. A snow-white wedding dress, the sound of the surf, shells under your feet - every girl's dream!