Lilac wedding theme

A lilac wedding is modern, stylish, elegant, and romantic. The variety of shades of this color is vibrant, and every couple in love chooses the most relevant one for themselves. A celebration in lilac color will make the event extraordinary and individual, far from commonplace, after which gentle and romantic photos and videos of the

Lilac Wedding Theme, Flowers, Decor

holiday will remain in memory. Lilac is one of the most avant-garde shades of violet, associated with mystery, contributing to a sense of contentment and calmness.

As a result of mixing reddish tones and rich purple Lilac, the color represents novelty, a bright future, and regret about the past. It symbolizes new hopes and expectations, which is why it is considered an excellent solution for wedding decor. As a rule, his admirers are calm and purposeful people who have convinced positions regarding their affections and sympathies.

The leading figures at the wedding ceremony are the newlyweds, so their images should harmoniously fit into the style of the event. A wide selection of wedding dresses in these shades is provided for brides. However, some girls still choose the traditional white color for their wedding dresses. I must say that this is an exciting solution, a newlywed in such a dress is associated with a delicate and romantic flower. A snow-white dress goes well with wedding accessories (for example, a veil or a belt) of the color chosen as the primary color of the wedding.

For the groom, the ideal solution will be a shirt that matches the wedding theme, which goes well with suits in gray, steel, and white. If your choice falls on a classic white dress, add shoes in a lilac tone, a handbag, a belt, or embroidery. You can choose an outfit in lilac color. However, you should know that this noble color can play a bad joke since it is not suitable for everyone. For example, lilac color is ideal for blue-eyed and gray-eyed blondes and fair-haired girls with tanned skin; it is better to choose pale, blurry tones of this color.

Girls with expressive eyes should choose rich shades, while brides with pale and white skin should choose between calm and bright colors. The choice of shoes is no less critical: fashionable pumps and shoes with an open heel or toe will always be appropriate. If you prefer suede shoes, you should pay attention to the noble color of lavender. One of the critical aspects in creating a bride's image is makeup and manicure. For girls with gray, brown, or green eyes, the choice of lavender shadows will be an excellent solution.

It is better to use the services of a professional who will select the most successful shades for the bride. A wreath or a veil of the corresponding shadows can become a hairstyle decoration. Flowers look original, however, do not forget that there should be no more than three elements of this color participating in creating a wedding image. The image of the future husband must match the chosen wedding style.

With a strict classic suit, a lavender-colored shirt or tie will look very elegant. Some people prefer to complement the look with a lilac vest and a boutonniere or cufflinks to match it. A bow tie and socks that match the theme of the color celebration will be a creative idea. The ideal combination with Lilac is considered to be white, gray, or silver. At the request of the newlywed, bridesmaids can also wear outfits of the same shade and style.

It is worth noting that Lilac is not universal and is not suitable for every person. For the groom's friends, you can offer shirts of the same style and color or bow ties. In any case, guests should know that the celebration will be organized in a specific color. Wedding decoration must be carefully thought out and considered minor elements. As you know, there are no trifles in organizing a wedding. To get started, select the invitations with which the preparation for the event begins. Invitations can be decorated with purple ribbons and supplemented with a delicate sprig of Lilac or lavender.

In the text of the invitation, it is worth prescribing the planned dress code for the guests. In the hall's design, you should choose the proper placement of accents so that the primary color palette looks great; you need a harmonious combination of Lilac with other neutral shades. For example, wedding tables and chairs' backs can be decorated with lilac-colored fabrics. An arch and flower arrangement can complement the picture.

If the wedding takes place in nature, you should use purple, pink, or lilac shades in the decor of the tents. To decorate the hall, an excellent solution would be using light snow-white chiffon in combination with Lilac. For tables, it is worth choosing tablecloths of solemn white color, on which lilac napkins and decorative decorations will look great. All significant items (tablecloths, dishes) should be decorated in white, but small elements in the decor (vases, boutonnieres, seating cards) can be bright and rich colors.

To create a romantic setting, you can complement the decor with candles in long graceful candlesticks. Using the flowers in the set of a lavender wedding is very original. On napkins, there can be embroidery in the form of a lavender flower; on the table in vases, there are bouquets of dried flowers. You can also use live lavender flowers - they look romantic and tender. A wide selection of lilac flower plants can be used in a bridal bouquet.

It can be solemn roses of light lilac color, elegant orchids, and maybe delicate lavender. A bouquet made of irises or violets looks exciting and unusual. The final chord can be a unique lilac cake. It will not be challenging to create such a masterpiece for modern professionals.

The tiers of the cake can have different colors, ranging from rich Lilac to lighter shades. The following colors are ideally combined with lilac color: white, deep green, beige, and gray. Each combination has a unique effect. The most successful solution for a lilac wedding is considered the warm season. This magical color will make your wedding exclusive and unforgettable.