Latest wedding cake trends

Nowadays, a wedding cake is not just a delicious dessert that is cut in a festive atmosphere. Today, the wedding cake is a real art! Look at those photos of cakes that skilled pastry-cooks create!

Latest Wedding Cake Trends

They look so appealing that many people feel sorry when cutting them and eat. Wedding cakes are real pieces of art. Below, let’s consider the most amazing and unusual ideas for your wedding cake.

1. Cakes with live flowers, berries, and fruits. If you chose a romantic wedding style, then a white cake with flowers and fruits will perfectly underline a delicate moment of the celebration. The cake is an ideal option for summer and spring weddings when bright colors are most welcomed.

2. A minimalistic cake with elegant openwork and ruffles. Such a cake will be the perfect decoration of a sophisticated style like the Great Gatsby wedding. It helps underline an elegant image of a bride and looks incredible. It can be a minimalistic white cover with a few flowers and ruffles.

3. Cakes with edible Gold leaf and confectionery silver. These two main decorative elements are the main trends of this year. If you want to add a bit of luxury and glamour to your wedding, cakes with such designs will impress guests and will compete with newlyweds for the title of the main character of the celebration.

4. Ombre mastic. If you want to have a wedding cake that every guest will remember, choose an ombre cake. Find two matching colors that will be suitable for your wedding style. A cake with two colors graduating from one color to another, as well as decorated with flowers, and flowing chocolate will deserve attention and be an excellent decoration for your wedding.

5. The velvet texture for a wedding cake. The velvet texture is one more trend of this year. Such cakes look like real fabric. Everyone wants to touch it and make sure that it feels the same as real velvet to the touch. A velvet wedding cake with simple minimalistic decor on it will be an excellent decoration of the whole celebration. It will be one of the main surprises for guests during the banquet. Be sure that attendees will remember it for a long time.

Few things it is necessary to keep in mind when developing the design of your wedding cake:

- Make sure that cake’s colors match the style and color themes of your wedding;

- It is advisable to choose bright and light shades for summer cakes, while saturated and rad colors for winter weddings;

- The abundance of decor on a cake depends on the image of a bride and the style of the celebration.