Las Vegas themed wedding

Las Vegas is the world's most famous and largest entertainment center, the American Dream. It is a different city that is built in the desert. Fans of gambling and vivid sensations from all over the world come here to relax and have fun. There are dozens of casinos and many hotels, all in neon lighting and various performances and shows; this is a whole

Las Vegas Themed Wedding

city of entertainment. It is not for nothing that Las Vegas is called the capital of pleasure and excitement, and even love. And every year, hundreds of couples go there to register their marriage, to have a wedding in Las Vegas.

For adventure lovers, you can arrange a Las Vegas-style wedding, imagining that you are fortunate in life and you have found a loved one in your life, so to speak, who won the main prize. Therefore, if you are young at heart, love adventure and risk, and have an unconventional approach, a Las Vegas-style wedding will be unforgettable, fun, and extraordinary. When choosing a Las Vegas-style wedding, you need to decide on the celebration's colors. In the design, it is better to choose red, white, green, and black shades because these are the primary colors of gambling roulettes, excitement, ardor, and passion, and white symbolizes celebration and tenderness.

These colors should be the primary colors when decorating a celebration hall, invitations for guests, a wedding arch and flowers at a wedding, and a cake. You can hang playing cards on ribbons in the lobby. Playing cards, chips, roulettes, and slot machines should become symbols at a Las Vegas-style wedding. If you have an arch at your wedding ceremony, it will be beautifully decorated with white and red fabric, and a white path will lead you to the receptionist's table.

In the style of a Las Vegas wedding, you need to arrange invitations for guests, make cards in the form of cards, and put them in a black envelope, on which there will be stickers or drawings on the theme of the wedding for example, chips or cards. Your family and friends will be pleased to receive such an invitation from you, and they will be able to keep it as a keepsake of your wedding. In addition, guests will need to prepare for the wedding and choose clothes and gifts in your wedding style. Clothes for the bride and groom The bride can choose any dress she likes.

When choosing, you need to be guided by choice of white, pale pink, or cream-colored dress, which will be decorated, for example, with ribbons or flowers of black and red colors. It is advisable to choose high-heeled shoes and wear expensive and bright jewelry. Makeup for the bride needs to be brilliant, with expressive eyes and red lipstick. Bridesmaids can be invited to dress in red silk dresses of various styles. The groom can choose a classic suit or a black tuxedo, a white shirt, instead of a tie, wear a bow tie and a red boutonniere.

But you are free to choose any clothes of absolutely any color and combination because the main rule of Las Vegas is - no restrictions! Choosing a place for a wedding is best to organize a wedding in the style of Las Vegas in the countryside in a hotel or a large house with greenery, a meadow, and a swimming pool. To create the appropriate atmosphere, large dice, a deck of cards, slot machines, and a giant billboard with the words "Las Vegas" were added to the banquet venue. Banquet tables should also fit into the overall theme. At the table, the young place a poster with a picture of a game card with a jack and a queen.

Add small dice or roulettes to the guests' tables. If the banquet takes place in the summer on the lawn, then a white tent decorated with black and red ribbons will do—evening program. Menu and drinks from the menu, you can choose dishes of French and Italian cuisine or give preference to American steaks. There must be champagne, whiskey, and wine on the tables. For a Las Vegas wedding, you can invite a bartender to make various delicious cocktails for the guests.

You must also adhere to the Las Vegas gaming theme when choosing contests and banquet programs.

These are passions, gambling, and heat. For example, the groom has to redeem the bride, not by simple contests but to win her by gambling on cards. Install a roulette wheel at a banquet, where instead of chips, there are miniature photos of the bride and groom, a car as a prize, and of course, a toy or dollhouse. The game in your wedding casino can be played for dollars, where instead of a photo of the president, there will be photos of the bride and groom. Invite the illusionists; it's Las Vegas-style, magic tricks, miracles, sleight of hand, and gimmicks; guests will be thrilled.

Be sure to disco with live music in the style of jazz and rock and roll; servers in costumes like in a casino will add to the evening atmosphere of Las Vegas. Invite a saxophonist to the evening to add magical music to the celebration; at the end of the wedding banquet, delight and surprise guests with a large multi-tiered wedding cake, which will be decorated in the Las Vegas style.

Order a cake with the bride and groom figures on the upper tier and dice, cards, chocolate chips, and delicious light white cream as decorations. After the wedding evening, the newlyweds can leave in a limousine, decorated with red ribbons and flowers. A wedding agency can help you organize a celebration and create the right atmosphere for a Las Vegas wedding.

We will find a suitable place for the celebration, transport for guests and newlyweds. All together, suitably dressed guests and a banquet hall decorated in the right style will create an unforgettable mood that will delight you and your guests for a long time.